Farm #1    This farm is full for 2018 season 

This farm is full for 2018 season.

Production: Mixed veg; strawberries, raspberries, tree fruit (plums, apples, cherries, pears); eggs; pork; pasture
This farm cannot accommoate couples
This farm offers a minimum wage or higher
Apprenticeship Term: March to October
This farmer has signed SOIL's Host Charter

We live on 34 acres in the beautiful Secwepemceluw (South Thompson Valley), right beside the Thompson River and within easy biking distance of a little town called Chase. Apprenticing with us mainly involves propagation, (trans)planting, weeding, harvesting, and selling organic vegetables and fruit, learning-through-doing while working alongside the farm managers, casual employees and berry pickers. Care of pigs and laying hens is also part of the day to day goings-on here.

There will also be plenty of opportunities to help out with the parts of our farm you're most interested in-- food preservation, slaughter and butchering, selling at local farmer's markets, learning about composting, helping with our growing CSA program, construction and carpentry.

There will be some shared meals, however most meals will be the apprentice's own responsibility -- with free access to the 'farmer' corner in our cooler to choose fresh fruit & veg for your meals. On-farm accommodation is available with shared bathroom. We have a beautiful multi-purpose studio, sauna, fire-pit, and extensive library which the apprentice is welcome to use.

We ask that the apprentice commit to 8 hours a day with 1.5 - 2 days off a week from mid-March to mid-October. A visit beforehand definitely seems like a good idea for all of us, if it's possible! A wage of $11/hour will be paid, with the possibility of earning additional income through fruit picking. If you have skills or knowledge which you think would be helpful to us, awesome, let us know! We're looking for apprentices who are hard-working, physically fit, enthusiastic about sustainable organic farming, self-sufficiency, earth-friendly living, and highly motivated to help out, learn and work alongside us!

Our skill set wish list (although willingness to learn these things is just fine as well): ability to operate tractors, seed cleaners, grain mill, and power tools/chain saws; equipment maintenance; tree pruning/care; irrigation; and fencing.

In 2016, 20.4 of 34 acres is fully certified organic (NOOA 04-208), with the remainder reaching full status in 2017.

Location: Chase, BC.

Farm #2   Not Currently Accepting Applicants 

Primary production: veggies, berries, and hay; we also grow some tree fruit and have two horses.
This farm accepts couples
This farm pays a stipend
This farm cannot accommodate children
Apprenticeship term: April to October

We are a small, 25 acre, subsistence farm , we grow veggies, fruit, berries, and hay. Only the hay is on a commercial scale at this time. We offer basic education in small scale farming, ecological sustainability, and conscious living. We have been farming for over 40 years. We have 2 horses, 2 dogs, and an abundance of wildlife. Opportunities for work and play !

Good communication is very important. Sit down touch ins are a great idea, which we already do. We can provide a contact. We provide a stipend weekly, room and board, as well as a bonus at the end of the season. We teach by showing and doing. The average hours per week is 36.

Location: Peachland, BC. 24 km south of Kelowna.

Farm #3

Primary production: mixed veggies and fruit
This farm accepts couples
This farm cannot acommodate children
This farm offers a minimum wage or higher
Apprenticeship term: March to November
This farm has signed SOIL's host pledge

We farm 20 acres on the banks of the beautiful South Thompson River nestled between Kamloops and the Shuswap Lakes. Apprenticing with us is a jampacked session where you can learn all aspects of market gardening and commercial production; seeding, succession planting, irrigating, weeding, harvesting, packaging, seed saving, planning, record keeping, selling, Throw in some permaculture and serious composting too.

We enjoy cooking great meals and love to learn and test new recipes. We can accommodate dietary preferences within reason. We have an older motor home that will be positioned near the main house with power and wifi access to provide the intern with privacy. Lunch and dinner will be shared preparation and meals with the family although if the intern chooses simple suppers could be cooked on their own in the motorhome.

We live in a paradise with hiking, biking, swimming, floating, kayaking and canoeing and even golfing available outside our doors. We're looking for apprentices who are hard-working, physically fit, willing to embrace all farm practices, enthusiastic about sustainable organic farming and self-sufficiency. Good communication is a must, as is use of common sense, the confidence to make decisions and a willingness to go above and beyond. Please contact us if you are positive, self-motivated, respectful of others, a hard worker, a non-smoker, and are seriously considering organic agriculture in your future!

Location: near Kamloops, BC

Farm #4

Products:  Vegetables
This farm offers a stipend.
This farm does not accept couples.
Apprenticeship term:  June 1 to November 1

At our farm apprentices will learn what is involved in large scale vegetable production from planting until harvest.They will also learn the principles of biodynamic agriculture and how to apply it to their own farming or gardening initiative. Biodynamic or Sacred Agriculture is Rudolf Steiners legacy of the Spiritual Foundations for a Renewal in Agriculture (the name of his Agriculture Lectures) and is of great benefit for nutrient dense food, fertile soil and working in collaboration with the elemental beings that give rise to form from the formless realm. They will work side by side and on their own with Janet as well to carry out the daily and seasonal tasks at the farm. They will stay in a house on their own close to the farm.

Location:  Nakusp


Farm #5 

Primary production: Pasture-raised pork, poultry and beef; hay, wheat and barley; mixed vegetables.
This farm accepts couples
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: May to October
This farm has signed SOIL's Host Pledge

This farm is made up of two quarter sections and four generations of family. We raise livestock; primarily pasture raised beef, pork and poultry, as well as growing hay and grains for feed. There are also layer hens on the farm and a large garden primarily for on-farm use with some local sales. By paying close attention to our farm’s emissions we farm in a different way, with quality of life and positive impact on the environment both of the utmost importance. 

With beautiful walking trails on the farm and an agriculturally oriented town just a 3 km bike ride down the road, this is an ideal place to spend a summer. On this farm, with its broad spectrum of products and projects, an apprentice will have the opportunity to learn everything from good animal husbandry, sustainable building, pasture management and rotations to gardening, food preservation and marketing.

We are looking for people who are committed to a lifestyle of farming and who can demonstrate this through past experiences on farms. The work here varies greatly by season, and you will get the most out of your time with us if you can create your own projects and build on your interests. While we do work together on this farm, it is also important that you be able to work independently.

We’ve had a lot of help come our way have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from our helpers.

Location: Armstrong, BC

Farm #6  

Primary Production: mixed veggies, mixed fruit, pigs, poultry/eggs, goat milk and cheese
This farm accepts couples
This farm may be able to accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend/profit sharing opportunity
Apprenticeship term: Feb 1 to October 31

Our farm is situated in a summer and winter outdoors paradise. With 160 acres to play with, including 70 acres of lush cedar, spruce, larch and birch forest, we are blessed with a 15 acre bog and two year round creeks fed by the bog and springs within the property. We are excited about going into year three after having generated a lot of interest in the surrounding communities during our first two summers. The farmer has a background in genetics and microbiology, and travelled around the world for eight years, learning from farms and communities around the world, practising and innovating the future of sustainable, regenerative farming, and permaculture. If the workload stays under control you might be able to convince him to share his other passion as a yoga teacher.

We are firmly rooted in our intentions to become a dedicated demonstration farm and educational facility, so the opportunity to learn and make mistakes are hopefully far greater than if you were to apprentice with any other farm, we hope. "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime." In the end, we don't really want to grow food for people, we would prefer to teach people to grow their own food in a completely natural, supercharged kinda way, and in a world of such uncertainty, we are happy to share the magic of natural farming and building methods with anyone excited to take control of their own destiny.

We sell our produce, fruit, meat, honey and herbs (culinary and medicinal) through several local restaurants, two local farmers markets, through a strong, established CSA program, and through our newly built and already very popular farm store. We built this store over the course of a weekend workshop in June 2017 in the 'slip-straw' building style with straw and clay. There is still some work to do finishing off the store, giving apprentices a chance to leave their mark on the farm through some creative endeavours.

Join us while we are still in the infancy of building our soil food web in our 3 acres of no till, raised bed gardens in the style of Jean Martin Fortier, and share in the learning as we tweak this system to become a little more self sustaining as we build a true, closed loop farming system. We build compost, have huge worm farms, and our worm/compost/comfrey tea runs 24/7 and is used at every step of the way. We employ crop rotations, cover crops, use our flail mower to add green manures to our beds, and mulch when possible. The gardens have their own sound system so that we can play ourselves and the plants melodies to help us grow (not exactly a sustainable system, but always nice to have some music in the gardens), and we hope to demonstrate how these natural systems can result in highly productive gardens producing nutrient dense produce in a way that we hope is in tune with the rhythms of nature. 

Year three will also see the continued planning and implementing of some innovative soil building techniques (holistic rotational grazing methods with our animials) as we prepare the land for our big project, a tiered pond and wetland system surrounded by the innovative and highly diverse 'permaculture orchard' system. There are 45 acres to develop this unique undertaking, so the fun is just beginning.

Enjoy the perks of having small herds of nubian goats, chickens, ducks, bees, and our endangered heritage mulefoot pigs as we try and balance the hard work of agriculture with the good life of enjoying the fruits of our own labour. We have a few fruit trees, as well as a ton of berry bushes of all kinds in the gardens, and the property and forest are littered with wild raspberries, salmonberries, and strawberries, as well as an incredible diversity of medicinal herbs and mushrooms which we collect, use, and sell through our markets. Beaches are just minutes away, and amazing hiking and mountain biking are in every direction on and off the farm! Choose from a bed in the house, move into our small cabin, or move our tent trailer or 3 bed rv around the property to enjoy the diverse views! Lots of accommodation options to suit every personality.

We have a flexible pay structure, which includes a monthly, increasing stipend, and the opportunity for open, transparent profit sharing. We believe that the future of agriculture lies in communal endeavours, and don't see the value in paying minimum wage or even a bit better. Your hard work should be rewarded with real opportunity to share in the profits of what you have created, so feel free to contact us about the details of our profit sharing system.

Let's grow some food!

Location: Salmon Arm, BC

Farm #7

Primary products:  hogs, ducks, berries, vegetables
This farm does not accept couples
This farm provides room and board
This farm has signed SOIL's Host Pledge

I hope that your time at Wolf Springs would be one of discovery and enlightenment. To experience how people can work with nature for a mutual benefit. We are surrounded by wildlife but not too remote. Lots of hiking to explore. Our young farm is diverse and healthy so there is lots to learn. Yet it's small so not overwhelming and never mundane.
- livestock care, waterfowl breeding and duckling care, soil care, gardening and harvesting
- learn to cook, bake, make wine and preserve foods with us.
- basic mechanical troubleshooting and machinery maintenance.
- honeybee care and harvesting
- establishment of new berry orchard and netting installation
- learn local plants, there uses and weed identification
- learn to operate an AirBnB suite
- horsemanship skills

There will be hours of individual work during the day and working with us in the afternoons and weekends. Time for yourself to either pick up paid work, work on your own projects, or explore the area. We could source a bicycle if your interested.

Location:  Sorrento, BC

Farm #8

Products:  Apples, apple juice, garlic
This farm accepts couples.
This farm offers a stipend.
Apprenticeship term:  March 1 to October 31
This farm has signed SOIL's Host Pledge

We farm 20 acres in the BX area overlooking Vernon and the lakes in the North Okanagan. Our main crop is apples with 6 acres of high density trees growing mainly Gala and Ambrosia. We are just starting to establish another 6 acres of low density plantings based on permaculture principles mixing fruit varieties and companion plants.

 We are transitioning the orchard to organic status and marketing our own produce including through local farmer’s markets and our CSA network. There seems to be a sanctuary element to the farm to as chickens, ducks, sheep and rabbits have begun to accumulate from various livestock settings, retiring here to help graze the pasture, deal with insects and build the soil.

 The farm has an awesome view and is located adjacent to the BX trail network, with over 50 kms of trails along BX creek, through neighbouring farmlands and along the Silver Star foothills overlooking the valley and Swan Lake. We have bikes available for getting into town or out to the lakes in summer, some helpers even hitchhike up to Silver Star mountain in the winter.

 There are plenty of opportunities for apprentices to learn about growing apples including permaculture techniques, storage, packaging, sales and marketing while contributing towards the farm. This year we are focusing on soil building, replanting a section of the existing orchard and establishing the first phase of the new orchard.

 We are looking for positive energy helpers with initiative who will be involved in all aspects of the farm, working largely along with us with some independent work for a total of approx 35 hours a week. We have a few accommodation options depending on the season from a room in the house to airstream trailer or even a tipi. There is also a monthly, increasing stipend.

Location:  Vernon


Farm #9 

Primary production:  vegetables, free range eggs, pastured poultry and beef
This farm accepts couples
This farm is unable to accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: April to October
This farm has signed SOIL's Host Pledge

Spend a season in beautiful Turtle Valley and work alongside farmers with 6 - 40 years of agriculture experience. This is a 30-acre mixed family farm, surrounded by forests and wetlands, that is home to three generations of farmers. We used a pasture based system for our livestock (laying hens, meat birds, cattle and sheep) and have a two-acre market garden. We try to supply as much of our own food as possible, so we raise all of our own meat and vegetables, and have a small orchard and some berry bushes. The garden and two greenhouses supply a bustling farmers’ market and a small CSA, but we do lots of farmgate sales too.

We believe in the 4-H motto “learn to do by doing” and as an intern you will basically be “doing” what ever needs to be done, which on our farm means everything from transplanting, seeding and weeding in the garden to fixing fences, moving irrigation pipes, caring for the meat birds, washing the eggs and going to market. Apprentices work 5.5 to 6 days a week, and have all their food supplied by the farm, with their own travel trailer to live in. This year we are looking for someone who can take on more of the daily management of the market garden and greenhouses. We will train you and work with you to ensure you are comfortable with this responsibility. 

Chase is quickly becoming a hub for young farmers, so there are lots of other interns and farm folk to meet, learn and share with. This is a stunning area full of recreation opportunities. Join our farm team and experience the best of what rural life has to offer.

Location: Chase, BC


Farm #10

Primary Products:  Vegetables and Herbs
This farm accepts couples.
This farm pays $12 - $15 per hour
Apprenticeship term:  March 1 - October 31
This farm has signed SOIL's Host Pledge

An alumus of two apprenticeships, I've been farming for ten years. I operate my organic market garden on a five-acre lease in Kelowna, in BC's Okanagan Valley. It's stunning here--look it up. I produce mixed veggies & herbs for local restaurants and a weekly veggie program for families. My farm is a beautiful place to work. My farm is profitable. The work environment is fun and respectful. And the farm is right in the heart of Kelowna, population 120 000+.

I'm looking for enthusiastic helpers for the 2018 season. They will be involved in all aspects of the farm's management. Past experience on a market garden would be great, but is not essential. 

My helpers will be paid a wage of at least $12 per hour, and up to $15 depending on various factors. I do not offer on-farm accommodations, but can offer advice for finding a rental nearby. 

This is a learn-by-doing apprenticeship, but I'm a good teacher, and motivated helpers will find me very committed to their learning.

Recreational opportunities are myriad around here. Cycling, hiking, swimming, darts, all the recreations.

Thank you.

Location:  Kelowna


Farm #14 

Primary production: mixed veggies, hay; much of the work is done with horses
This farm accepts couples
This farm may be able to accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: April to November

Small mixed farm nestled in the mountains of south central BC. Marketing mixed vegetables through farmers' markets, local stores and home delivery system. One interesting aspect of our system is the exclusive use of horses for the field work. 

Though the horse team does the heavy pulling, there is a phenomenal amount of human labour done on the farm. If there is a hard way and an easy way, chances are I'm doing it the hard way. The development of the farm has been based of substituting labour for capital. An example of such would be splitting out fence post and rails as opposed to purchasing them. Another example would be the haying, which is all loose hay. The horses pull a mower which cuts the hay, then it is raked, again the horses help out with that project. Then any and all handy humans get involved with forking the hay onto sledges and then up into the hay mow. Just like work on a hot July afternoon.

The benefit for you is to learn a number of handy skills. Pole construction, cedar splitting, weeding, horsey skills, weeding, marketing, organizing distributions and harvest schedules, aspects of a nano dairy and beef production, pasture management etc. All useful for starting your own farm on a financial shoe string.

Another interesting aspect of the farm at this time is that I'm interested in exploring the option of agriculturally motivated land partners.

Location: Edgewood, in the Kootenays


Farm #16

Primary production: Fruit and processed food products, etc.
This farm accepts couples
This farm cannot accommodate children
This farm pays a minimum wage or higher
This farm has signed SOIL's host charter
Apprenticeship term: April to October

This farm is an 11 acre family farm located on a sunny mountain slope in the semi-desert Similkameen Valley. We produce fresh, frozen and dried fruit, jams, honey, eggs, meats, vegetables and some other miscellaneous products. We have an orchard and various animals - a milk cow, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, bees, and a large vegetable garden. We have been living here and developing organic methods since 1973. We would like to welcome those interested in working and learning together with us as apprentices. We have plenty of room. Apprentices would be invited to live and eat with our family. Most of the food we eat is grown and produced on the farm. Apprentices would also be offered a reasonable stipend. Our farm could be of interest to those looking for a viable alternative to modern industrial farming, be it conventional or organic. We believe in and practice small-scale mixed organic farming with an emphasis on diversity, traditional methods, and on-farm inputs. The work/ learning experience at the farm would assuredly be rich and varied. So, too, play. There are various opportunities for recreation in the Similkameen Valley, including swimming in the river, hiking, etc. We look forward to sharing our skills, understandings and way of life. 

Location: Cawston, BC.