Farm #1    Full for the 2018 Season

Primary production: Organic vegetables, berries, apples
This farm accepts couples
This farm may be able to accommodate children
This farm offers a minimum wage or higher
Apprenticeship term: Early April to late October
This farm has signed the SOIL Host Pledge

 Located on the Fraser River's floodplains in the spectacular Glen Valley (only 60km from Vancouver), this co-operatively-owned farm has two businesses that sell fruit and vegetable crops at two farmers markets and through a 140-member CSA program. We're looking for apprentices interested in pursuing a career in small-scale agriculture. Through an apprenticeship on our farm you will gain a comprehensive understanding of operating a diversified, small-scale, certified organic farm. From crop planning, business management and seeding to weeding, harvesting and marketing, we offer a holistic understanding of agriculture and a small community of dedicated farmers who live on the farm. On-farm accommodation, access to farm food and a fair wage offered to apprentices. 

Location: Abbottsford, BC. 67 km southeast of Vancouver, 1 hr drive.

Farm #2   

Primary production: Certified Organic Vegetables
This farm accepts couples
This farm is not able to accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: May to October
This farm has signed the SOIL Host Charter

Our farm is located on a remote island 20 minutes by boat from Queen Charlotte. The garden
overlooks a constantly changing seascape and is surrounded by lush, mossy evergreen forests. We have
kayaks, and enjoy swimming on the protected beach in front of the farm. The island is good for hiking with
plenty of eagles, ravens, hawks, seals, porpoise, deer, otters and other wildlife. The farm has a 3 acre
certified organic market garden and large greenhouse. We have been farming here since we cleared the
land in 1993. We enjoy eating the wild bounty from the land such as crab, salmon, halibut and venison,
nettles and mushrooms etc. and like to preserve food through canning and smoking as well. Our main
focus is the garden and greenhouse where we grow specialty greens, carrots, beets, potatoes, peas,
beans, garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers and squash which we sell at the farmer's market, CSA and local
restaurants and businesses. Apprentices share our home and meals with the family. There is a stipend

Location: near Queen Charlotte, BC


Farm #3   


Primary production: Vegetables, fruits, cut salad, eggs.
This farm accepts couples
This farm may be able to accommodate children
This farm pays the minimum wage or higher
Apprenticeship term: May 15 to October 15
This host has signed SOIL's Host Pledge

This twenty acre farm, located 70km east of Vancouver, has fruit and nut trees, wooded areas, coldframes, fields of annuals, and a clustered housing area. A group of diverse individuals live and work on this farm with a common goal of stewarding the land in a sustainable manner using organic methods and applying permacultural principals. We grow mixed salad greens, vegetables, herbs, chickens for eggs, and sheep for mowing. We sell at farmers markets, through a CSA program, and to restaurants. Apprentices will have an opportunity to learn about all areas of plant care and the economics of running a viable organic farming enterprise. Other areas of potential learning include: Permaculture, seed growing, farmers markets, Community Supported Agriculture, poultry (mostly for eggs), and cooperative land ownership.

Location: Aldergrove, BC, 30 minutes from Vancouver

Farm #4   (Pending Renewal)

Primary production: Garlic
This farm can host couples
This farm may be able to accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: May to October

Come join a forming intentional community in the beautiful mountains and rivers of Gitxsan Territory in northern BC. We are working to be an example of earth based, cooperative living in the hopes to create space for individual and collective transformation. We are an income-sharing community and strive to work by consensus of all our members. We value highly cooperative environments based on open communication and equality. Our goal is to be an example of earth-based living in order to assist the much-needed transformation of ourselves and the greater society.  We strive to live as a family and interdependently empower each other to redefine the very nature of what's possible.

We are off-grid, we do not have running water - we catch rainwater and haul drinking water, we use outdoor compost toilets, and we have limited shower and internet access.

Location: Hazelton, BC

Farm #5  

Main Production: orchard fruit, mixed veggies
This farm accepts couples
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship Term: April to November

Our farm is located in the semi-arid wilderness of the Fraser Canyon and is nourished by gravity-fed, pure mountain water. I am new to this land, having recently purchased it from farmers who have been farming here for 20 years. With 5 years of experience, I grow a diversity of vegetables and fruit for market and restaurants in Vancouver. In addition to many varieties of basil, cucumbers, celeriac, fennel, squash, eggplants, zucchini, peaches, cherries, plums, and apples, the farm specializes in growing over 50 varieties of heirloom tomatoes. Apprentices will have many different learning opportunities such as: orchard management, irrigation, compost building, garden planning, marketing strategies, and crop production. Apprentices will have their own cabins and organic food staples provided. We love to create and enjoy feasts from the garden to celebrate summer! We provide a generous stipend.

Location: Lytton, BC. 260 km northeast of Vancouver 3 hr drive.


Farm #6   (Pending Renewal)

Primary production: Certified organic vegetables, grain & lamb for market; dairy, poultry, fruit, & wild forage for self-sufficiency.
This farm accepts couples
This farm may be able to accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: April to November
This farm has signed SOIL's Host Pledge

We farm a 320 acre century-old farmstead surrounded by the mountains and wilderness of northwest BC. Guest accomodation is a spacious self-contained cabin on a knoll overlooking the farm. Apprenticeship start and end dates are flexible.

We eat what we grow: organic vegetables from the acre of market gardens and greenhouse; bread and baked goods from the heirloom grains we grow and mill; milk and cheese from the Jersey cow; eggs from the henhouse; salmon from the river; and occasionally meat from the pigs that till the old pasture or the sheep and cows that keep the farm fertile.

We sell vegetables and flour at two Farmers’ Markets, however the focus is on finding a measure of self-sufficiency in food, energy needs, and building materials here on the farm. We're 25km from town, near the end of a dirt road.

I had a popular organic bakery on Vancouver Island and helped set-up a small social-enterprise bakery in town. I have travelled widely and done stints wwoofing and cross-country cycling, and am also a host for travelling cyclists. My partner is a biologist with a Masters in organic pest management and has done extensive field work throughout BC, Alberta, and the Yukon. She is also an organic farm inspector and has a passion for foraging wild mushrooms.

Location: Hazelton, BC

Farm #7   

Primary Production: brewing hops, sheep and llamas for breeding, wool and meat (lamb and mutton), annual and perennial vegetables, berries (cultivated and wild), herbs (cultivated and wild)
This farm accepts couples
This farm may be able to accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: April to November
This farm has signed SOIL's host pledge

If you apprentice here, expect to live a low-footprint lifestyle and make the most of what nature provides in this fertile piece of
land beside a major salmon-bearing river. We're located close to several trails for alpine or valley bottom access, and a
provincial park great for swimming, canoeing and fishing. This 50 acre farm runs on solar power and is off-grid. We are
located half-way between Prince Rupert and Prince George with the nearest airports being Smithers and Terrace, bus and
train access is also convenient. Learn how to plan and plant a garden for one year's food supply, then preserve it all through
drying and canning. Livestock butchering and smoking fish are highly probable activities. You will have private quarters and
share amenities in the main house such as showers, laundry, wi-fi and library.

Location: New Hazelton, BC


Farm #9

Primary Production: certified organic veggies, berries, eggs
This farm accepts couples
This farm is unable to accommodate children
This farm offers the minimum wage or higher
Apprenticeship term: April to October
This farm has signed SOIL's host pledge

Located on a 50-acre parcel of land, a 5-minute walk from the beautiful Fraser River in Glenn Valley Abbotsford, we grow 6 acres of fruit and vegetables, raise hens for eggs on pasture and grow herbs and flowers on the side. We are certified organic and based on a land cooperative. The farm hosts apprentices in its tiny house with a view, here on site with all the amenities of running water, electricity and a compost toilet. 

We are interested in hosting apprentices wanting to learn the ropes of running a small-scale organic vegetable farm business. Currently the farm is run and operated by 3 dedicated and fantastic women, but we invite people of all backgrounds, gender, sexual orientation etc to apply.

Location:  Glenn Valley is a 20-minute drive from Fort Langley or a 45-60 minute drive from Vancouver.


Farm #10

Primary Production: Meat, fruit, vegetables
This farm accepts couples.
This farm may be able to accommodate children
Apprenticeshp term: April 15 to October 15
This farm has signed SOIL's host charter

Our small, bio-diverse farm is home to sheep, cattle, pigs, ducks, geese, and chickens, fruit trees, greenhouse, and a growing no-till garden. The property produces sufficient food to feed our small family, to trade with neighbours, and to participate in a growing community farmers’ market. The farm functions on permaculture and open hardware principles. 
While staying with us, interns learn about diverse aspects animal care, as well as the establishment and maintenance of silvo-pastoral systems and permaculture-oriented farm features. In spring, they witness calving and lambing, and participate in the establishment of intensive vegetable gardens and greenhouse production. In the fall, they help with fruit and vegetable harvest and preservation. There are also opportunities for harvesting wild edibles, mushrooms, berries, and medicines. 
Our mentorship style is hands-off and project based, so a certain level of experience and/or self-reliance works best for all. More experienced interns will be encouraged to take on seasonal projects, based on personal interest and expertise. For example, we are looking for someone to help manage intensive vegetable production this year to provision the local night farmers’ market and local food boxes. Before the apprenticeship begins, we like to set out mutual expectations in writing to ensure clear communication. 
In addition to farming, our occupations include social-ecological/traditional knowledge research, metal work (blacksmithing), and internet service provision. We are also active participants in the local Sustainable Agriculture Society and a new MakerSpace initiative. 
Accommodation is in an old farmhouse or in a nearby cabin (both shared), where we occasionally host community events/meetings and music jams. Learning resources include a large library and high speed internet. 
Schedule and arrangement can be flexible to accommodate part time work off-farm as well as ample time for enjoyment of the area. Located in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest recreational opportunities including hiking, wildlife (bear) viewing, kayaking, and fishing.

Location: Hagensborg, BC

Farm #11

Primary products:  vegetables and flowers
This farm accepts couples.
This farm is not able to accommodate children.
This farm offers a wage.
Apprenticeship term:  March 1 to October 1
This farm has signed SOIL's host charter

Apprentices will gain well-rounded and hands-on experience at our small-scale intensive market farm in order to advance their own learning and interest in organic farming as an achievable vocation. They will directly with our full-time resident farmer to learn soil-block making, transplanting, harvesting and preparing of a variety of vegetables for a fresh market along with other field work techniques. We are a 22 acre rural farm intensively growing on four acres in an incredibly scenic and unpolluted area of B.C with gravity fed water straight from a mountain spring. We are located on a mountain bench in a rain shadow with many sunny days. Our farm has river access and wildlife viewing opportunities. While staying at our farm, interns will live in an incredibly scenic area with access to nearby outdoor recreation including alpine hikes, mountain-biking, fishing, beautiful lakes etc. Our area is rich in aboriginal history. In addition, there is evidence of Gold mining on our property near the River. Our full-time farmer has been farming for 25 years, starting as sustenance growing and then market farming for the past six years. Interns will be provided with a weekly vegetable box in season but will be responsible for their own additional food requirements and meal preparations, allowing them to accommodate their own preferences, budgets and dietary restrictions. They will receive a wage of $11.50/hr with the expectation they will work for 40hrs a week. Room and share of utilities, $650/month, will be deducted from the first pay period of each month. Our farm is a three hour drive North-East of Vancouver, B.C and less than two hours from Whistler.

Location:  Lillooet


Farm #13     Applications Accepted Year Round  (Pending Renewal)

Primary production:  vegetables/berries/fruits, hay, firewood, milled lumber, lamb, wool, dairy products (cow and goat),eggs, beef, goat, pork
This farm accepts couples
This farm cannot accommodate children
This farm offeres a stipend with opportunities for higher income
Apprenticeship term: Year round/flexible
This farm has signed SOIL's host pledge

Our farm is a magnificent 51 acres of forest and pasture, in the heart of the rugged Coast Mountains on 1/4 mile of Bella Coola riverfront. Be sure to find us on a map. It's a very beautiful, hard-to-get-to destination. Most apprentices fly here from Vancouver. Abundant wildlife such as grizzlies, black bears, wolves and incredible bird life on the property, close to the ocean. Stay in our cabin (year round, private or shared depending on number of apprentices), wall tent (private, seasonal), or vintage 1967 Airstream trailer (private, seasonal). Carpentry skills and cooking skills preferred but not necessary.

Farm work includes: market garden and fruit trees; goat milking and kidding; cow milking and calving; sheep shearing and lambing; all aspects of livestock care including pigs and laying hens; care of draft horses; care of herding dogs and livestock guardian dogs; every aspect of gardening and food preservation; farmers market booth June- Sept.; cheesemaking; building barns and other outbuildings; rotational/leader-follower/management-intensive grazing. We love apprentices who like children and animals.  Our farm is very remote (Firvale is 25k from the nearest coffee shop, and has about 25 residents when everyone is home), so please consider carefully whether this level of isolation is for you.

The apprentices who do best at our farm are: mature, open-minded, ultra-responsible, self-motivated, love kids and dogs, like spending time alone or with few people, want to experience the peace and quiet of wilderness, are self-sufficient, are truly interested in learning about farming, are not opposed to working a few extra hours now and then if needed, and who understand that family life is not always a perfect bed of roses. We have high expectations of our apprentices, and we maintain a "you'll get out of it what you put into it" attitude, along with many opportunities for classroom-style and experiential learning, and self-chosen projects. We provide excellent "slow food": almost everything (fruit, veggies, dairy, eggs, beans, and meat) is from our farm or neighbouring farms, supplemented with grains, pasta, flour, coffee, tea, etc. which we source as locally as possible. We also bake all our own bread.  Preference given to applicants who would like to apprentice for four months or longer.  "We receive several inquiries a year from apprentices who wish to bring their dog.  Please note that we do not allow dogs at our farm.

Location: near Bella Coola, BC


Farm #16

Production: mixed veggies, fruit
This farm accepts couples.
This farm may be able to accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend.
Apprenticeshiop term: May to October
This farm has signed the SOIL Host Charter

We have been farming organically for 32 years. We have a lot of experience that we would love to pass on to young farmers. We live in a beautiful, clean mountain environment, surrounded by crown land, and native land. We sell our produce at the Vancouver farmers markets. we grow about 8 acres of vegetables, and we have a couple acres of fruit trees. We specialize in open pollinated varieties, and heirloom varieties. Apprentices will work from May until the end of October for room and board, and a stipend of $200.00 per week. Cabins and cooking facilities are provided. Lytton is a very small town 12 miles away. There are sports activites there in the evenings. There is a pond on the land for swimming, and a river with a beach. There are wonderful hiking trails nearby. Apprentices need to be committed to wanting to learn and work hard. We are a family farm, and there will be lots of fun interactions as we work together. Come join us to grow lots of great food in a beautiful environment!

Location: Lytton, BC