Farm #1 

Primary production: organic veggies, beef, eggs
This farm accepts couples
This farm cannot accommodate children
This farm pays a minimum wage or higher
Apprenticeship term: May to November
This farmer has signed SOIL's host charter

Our farm is located in the small community of Pass Lake, 45 minutes East of Thunder Bay. Situated at the base of the Sibley Peninsula, the farm is within 5 km of Lake Superior and the magnificent Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. We are a certified organic, modern small scale mixed farm that focuses primarily on vegetable production but also raise cattle and chickens.

The farm raises a wide range of vegetables and markets through a 150 member CSA, farmer’s market, and a few commercial buyers. The CSA runs from the beginning of July until the beginning of October.To compliment our vegetable production, we have a small herd of Milking Shorthorn cattle which includes our team of oxen. The oxen are used to cultivate our 7 acres of vegetables and green manure crops as much as possible. Fieldwork and haymaking is done using oxen and tractors. As an Organic Farm, we are strong proponents of ecological agriculture and manage the farm accordingly.

Applicants must  be able to commit to the full apprenticeship term (May to November).

Location: Pass Lake, ON

Farm #2

Primary production: mixed vegetable animal operation
This farm accepts couples
This farm may be able to accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: May 1 to November 1
This farmer has signed SOIL's host charter

I hope you will join me in all the facets required to complete the renovation of my century old homestead after acquiring it two years ago. It was the family farmstead but was abandoned for a number of years due to legal issues now resolved. The 2016 and 2017 season saw major renovations to the house and barn as well as putting in a large garden, raising hogs, setting up bee hives, re-establishing a trail to the lake, etc.
You may learn various aspects of animal husbandry as well as organic gardening. Plenty of renovation projects remain to be completed. Understand that the hours spent working (approx 25 per week) will be much less than most farms demand so that will afford you lots of free time to do your own research, study, maintain your own garden plot if you desire, build things and practice whatever it is you are interested in.
Recreational pursuits like hiking, cycling, swimming or fishing at the nearby lake are other possibilities. If hunting is an interest you can learn compound or cross bow techniques. You may try your hand at primitive living/survival skills for this area is a passion of mine. Permaculture (for me more like common sense sustainable organic gardening practices and by the way I have a degree in agriculture) and off-grid living are other interests. I am single with no immediate family nearby so life on the farm can be pretty quiet and a bit austere at times. If you are interested I can teach you the finer points of meditation. Kingston is a large nearby heritage city with an historic downtown and farmers market to check out. It is recommended that the prospective intern possesses a valid driver's license and hopefully have no food sensitivities or other major physical or psychological issues. Honesty and a good work ethic are important. I support the SOIL/host farmer commitment to apprentices. Cheers DJ (male)

Location: near Kingston, ON


Farm #3

Primary production: mixed veggies, poultry, goats, honey
This farm accepts couples
This farm is not able to accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: April to November
This farmer has signed SOIL's host charter

Our historic family farm is 100+ acres of sandy loam soil with a large woodlot and ravine. Cultivating approximately 5 acres of mixed vegetables we offer a weekly CSA program and have an onsite Market Stand. We have 100 laying hens, raise chicken, turkey, duck and goats for meat. There are bee hives that we get the honey from for our customers. We have local and international volunteers. Located in central Ontario we are half way between Toronto and the adventure of the North. Close by we have opportunity for kayaking, biking, hiking, movies and entertainment.

We have been growing for 15 years on organic principals and are evolving towards a more permaculture approach. Teaching and engaging others in food and nature is my primary passion but inevitably the work of growing food absorbs much of our season. We have two greenhouses, a large equipment shed and polebarn with a walk in cooler, solar shower, drying shack and lots of room to grow.

From seeding trays to harvesting & packaging it is all here to experience. Enjoying the accomplishment of working with others to grow great food, where our customers come to us and appreciate the environment. We look forward to knowing your goals and to offer opportunity to grow and learn in the areas that most interest you. We have private outside trailers that are accommodation with full use of our home, WIfi and amenities. Meals are together with everyone taking a turn to cook and clean up. We provide a weekly stipend in appreciation for time and energy to help our growing enterprise bloom. We are very flexible and open to long term collaboration on this farm with great opportunity.

Location: near Barrie, ON

Farm #4

Primary production: Vegetables, berries, herbs, flowers and honey.
This farm accepts couples
This farm cannot accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: April to October
This farmer has signed SOIL's host charter

We hope to reach 75-90 members for our CSA this year on our scenic 100 acre farm, a beautiful spot with close to 50 acres of bush, a pond and meadow, surrounded by rolling hills. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, cut flowers and small fruits. We also keep bees and have a small orchard.

We learned about organic and sustainable production techniques through 5 years of apprenticeships volunteering and co-managing at farms in Canada and Europe. All of our products are sold locally, mostly through CSA program and this year through U-pick strawberry and raspberry operations.

You will work as part of a team alongside the farmer, other staff and volunteers on a daily basis. There will also be work exchanges, education days and field trips. Through these you will learn about all aspects of the farming operation including everything from business planning to pest management.

We are still expanding and so will build and setup new infrastructure including a movable hoophouse, an irrigation systems and potentially housing and fencing for chickens.

The apprenticeship includes a $4000-6000 seasonal stipend, spacious recently renovated accommodation in the house, food and other basic amenities. The work week will be 5-6 days of 8-10 hours depending on the time of year and work that needs finishing.

There are many opportunities for socializing and day trips to scenic areas.

Location: Neustadt, ON

Farm #5

Primary production: mixed veggies
This farm accepts couples
This farm offers a stipend
This farm cannot acommodate children
Apprenticeshp term: April to November
This farm has signed SOIL's host charter

We are seeking motivated, humble, and passionate individuals to spend a full growing season with us this coming season at our Organic Farm!  Our internship program runs from mid April until mid November and will be a season packed with activity, hard-work, and lots of time learning in the best classroom ever – out on the farm! The farmers, Seb and Bethany, are trained in Sustainable Agriculture through Fleming College and are well connected in the farm community. They have interned on several farm/gardens- the Stop Community Food Centre, Ignatius Farm, Green Being Farm. They have also taken courses in Berry production, animal husbandry, and Holistic Farm Management. 

Besides growing vegetable crops for an 80-100 member CSA and for restaurants there are a few other exciting things happening at the farm this summer including monthly potlucks, nut tree plantings, rejuvenating our asparagus patch, swimming in local rivers and lakes, hosting student groups and campers, and more!

Interns live in a cottage apartment. Our farm is a community hub, as we rely on friends, family and neighbours, young and old, to support us in our work and to join us in enjoying the fruits of the harvest. 

Location: 50km from Toronto, and 30 km from Guelph/Fergus/Orangeville.



Farm #6

Primary production: Certified Organic fruits and vegetables, quail eggs, value added products made from farm produce.
This farm accepts couples
This farm offers a stipend
This farm cannot acommodate children
Apprenticeshp term: April to October
This farmer has signed SOIL's host charter

At our farm,  we are dedicated to providing high quality organic fruits, vegetables and organic sprouts directly to people who care about the environment and what they eat. As a Certified Organic farm, we use only organic, non-gmo seeds, composts and green manures to keep our soil clean and fertile. We grow a great variety of vegetables, fruits, including our Organic Sprouts. As well, we create many value added products throughout the season from our gardens.

We attend two farmers markets and supply restaurants and stores that carry fresh organic food. Although we sell many common vegetables, we also grow some unusual varieties for people to try. We have added blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and rhubarb. This year we will start a small mid-week Pay As You Go CSA.

You will have the opportunity to take on responsibilities as you learn, for things that you are interested in. We will provide you with room and board in our farmhouse, trailer or large live in tent and monthly stipend of $400. You will also attend monthly C.R.A.F.T. days and have the opportunity to meet other farmers and interns. We will have weekly field walks and use them to focus on particular aspects of learning. We will have morning planning meetings over breakfast and weekly check-ins. Other educational opportunities will come up from time to time.

Location: Staffa, ON


Farm #7

Primary production: organic vegetables, humanely raised natural meats, some small fruit, preserves, seedlings, cut flowers
This farm accepts couples
This farm is not able to accommodate a family
Apprenticeship lasts: April to November
This farm offers a stipend

Our 100-acre family farm is committed to environmental sustainability and stewardship of the land. We’re located 1 hour north of Toronto in the rolling hills of Zephyr. We grow a 8 acre market garden, and raise numerous animals (chickens, pigs, cattle, and two draft horses). The vegetables and meats produced are sold directly to consumers through a CSA and Farmers Markets in Uxbridge, Newmarket and Toronto. Apprentices on the farm get a diverse farm experience: On the market garden side; field preparation, planting and seeding, weed control, harvesting, processing, cover cropping, mulching, irrigation, marketing, and greenhouse management. The livestock side of the farm introduces apprentices to all aspects animal husbandry. This includes chores (feeding watering animals, collecting eggs), rotational grazing, making feed, hay and compost.

Apprentices will also gain experience at farmers markets, learn about business planning, food preservation, draft horse power and native land restoration.
The farm property is also host to a Bed and Breakfast. We offer room and board on the farm and a monthly stipend with year end bonus. Internships run from april until the end of October.

We are looking people with a serious interest in learning how to farm, and we will do our best to provide you with a rich learning experience that will help prepare you to start farming. We are looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to learn with hands-on experience, and we are friendly, flexible and open to accommodating different learning desires. There are three intern positions available for the 2017 season. If interested please contact us with a cover letter and resume, also please check out our website for more info and past interns experiences.

Location: Zephyr, ON


Farm #8

Primary production:  Maple syrup, vegetables, grain, hay and beef cattle
This farm accepts couples
This farm offers a wage starting at $10 per hour
Apprenticeship term:  June 1 to Oct 1

We are on a farm about 45 miles from Kingston and about 20 miles from the town of Picton. Picton is not such an exciting place although there is a great movie house and some interesting pubs and restaurants. There are a number of churches and some local food markets as well as three big grocery stores. The county has some great food and watering holes though. Kingston is a university town so it has all those things that young people like to do. People come out to the county to bike and stay and go to wineries. It is so popular that it is hard to find a place to stay in the summer which is why we are opening a hotel in Picton in a few years. The cabin is cute and is very livable and overlooks the Bay. It is walking distance to the garden.
I feel that the county is a good place to get a taste of organic farming and community. We would do our best to teach you what we know and encourage you to study what is going on in the world of organics and teach us what you learn. We have a fair number of good books about the movement some old, some new.

Location:  Picton, ON

Farm #9   Not Accepting Applications 2017/18


Primary production: Organic vegetables, pastured pork, poultry, grassfed beef and lamb
This farm accepts couples
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: May to December
This farmer has signed SOIL's host charter

Our farm produces beautiful vegetables, 100% grassfed beef and lamb, and pastured pork and poultry on our farm near historic Neustadt ON. Our approach to raising animals is to let them be the animals they are meant to be, and to raise them in a way that respects their dignity and that of the environment. All our food is sold directly to the people who eat it through our Community Shared Agriculture program and online meat sales.
We are offering a position that is balanced and holistic. Working on our farm means having a diversity of experiences, coupled with a shorter work day to provide you time to work on your own projects and enjoy life. The workday is only 6.5 hours long on average, 5 days/week except during our more intense harvest period in the late fall.
During this time you will gain valuable experience with
-crop planning
-vegetable gardening, in the field and greenhouses
-winter storage (we run a 100 member Winter CSA)
-greenhouse management
-rotational grazing
-chicks, lambs, calves and piglets, and their care as they grow
-machinery operation
We live in community rich with young organic farmers. Opportunities abound for learning on various farms, and getting to know lots of other farmers and farmers-to-be. Space for you to keep your own garden is also available.
Interns will have their own private apartment with meat and vegetables provided for them, as well as laundry and internet. A monthly stipend of $500 is also available for applicants with prior farming experience, plus a one-week vacation.
The internship runs from May 1st until December 1st. You are welcome to come for the month of April (or sooner!) to take part in our exciting Spring Greens CSA and about 2 weeks of paid work working with a neighbouring farm prepping mushroom logs.

Location:  Neustadt, ON


Farm #10 



Primary production: mixed veggies, eggs, 
This farm is willing to accept couples
This farm cannot accommodate children
This farm pays a stipend
Apprenticeship term: April to October
This farmer has signed SOIL's host charter

Experience what it is like to be on a growing market farm!  We are 4 kms SW of St.Thomas and about a 30 min drive south of London. We live on a 40 acre mix of forest, fields and wetlands with a lot of potential.  This year our Summer CSA is expanding from 40 to 100 members and we have a 30 member fall CSA.  We also attend a market in St.Thomas and one in London.  We are looking for interns to join our team of 2 farmers and other full and part-time employees.  We will provide room and board and a stipend in exchange for work on the farm. Depending on the candidate, there is opportunity for an experienced intern to start their own farm venture or joint venture on the farm.

The farm includes many old fruit trees (cherry, apples, apricots, peaches), a pond and wetland and 10 acres of forest. We currently rent paddock space to 2 horses and have a flock of laying hens. We are 10 minutes from Port Stanley on Lake Erie and very close to St.Thomas. The ideal candidate is someone who has plans to start a farm and wants to see the planning and experiences that happen in the early years of starting a farm.  Skills we will focus on for an internship will include season extension, planting, transplanting, the use of cover crops, harvesting efficiency, direct marketing to consumers among other things.  Interns will get a chance to see the trade-offs made on the small market farm in order to optimize time and efficiency of the farm’s resources.
Internships run from April until November with some flexibility in start and end dates.

Location: near St. Thomas, Ontario


Farm #11


Primary production:  Grassfed beef, patured pork, chicken, CSA and market vegetables
This farm accepts couples.
This farm would consider accommodating children.
Apprenticeship term:  March 1 - October 31
This farmer has signed SOIL's host charter

We live on a 100 acre farm in the rolling hills of northern Huron County. 20 minutes from Lake Huron the farm is situated in an area great for someone who loves the outdoors. Opportunities for bike riding, cross country skiing, swimming and canoe/kayaking are available.

We're a small family farm that has just transitioned the ownership and management to the next generation which has invigorated us and is bringing even more life and energy to the farm. The "retiring" farmers are still very involved and provide a richness in experience, knowledge and teaching. I was born and raised on the farm.  I spent 2 seasons managing our farm's market garden and CSA and have been back full time on the farm for 3 years.

The farm has 65 workable acres - the majority of which are under pasture and hay fields, a managed wood lot, a 2 acre CSA (20 shares) and market garden (2 farmers markets), apple orchard and a variety of buildings. We raise cattle, pigs, meat chickens, laying hens, goats and ducks. We use draft horses for the majority of our farm work, trying to only use our tractor for front loading and some power take off work. Apprentices will have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the farm. You'll learn about rotational grazing pasture planning, garden design, how to set up irrigation and animal water systems, fencing, care of all of our animals and using draft horses. Apprentices have the opportunity to learn everything from the business side of the farm through to our direct sales to customers through CSA, market and our meat sales). We get in our own hay, cut and split our own firewood, do a lot of jam making, canning and pickling. We make our own cheeses and yogurts from the goats milk.

Apprentices live in the lodge with me (my parents live in their own residence on the property) during the colder months and then have these big, beautiful prospector tents as their bedrooms for the summer, continuing to use the main floor of the lodge as common area. We eat together, taking turns cooking and cleaning up.


Location:  near Lucknow, ON

Farms #12   CRAFT - Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training


If you're ready for a hands-on experience that will immerse you in ecological farming, then you've come to the right place. CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training) is your gateway to a farming internship experience that will change your life. Whether your dream is to have your own farm one day or you just want to learn some food-growing and hands-on skills that can be applied in other parts of your life, a farming internship is a powerful experience that will equip you with the tools and insights to make a real difference in the world.

CRAFT South West Ontario is a collaboration of organic and biodynamic farms whose aim is to provide opportunities for individuals to learn about ecological agriculture through an internship experience. Each CRAFT farm offers their own education model in conjunction with monthly CRAFT field days. These on-farm training days are open to interns from all CRAFT South West Ontario farms and include a potluck lunch, a group activity, a workshop, and a tour.

Each CRAFT farm operates independently and offers its own internship with individualized agreements around such things as living and eating arrangements, stipends, work hours, training methods, and internship start and end dates.

To learn more about CRAFT and for a list of participating farms visit:

For more information about internship opportunities and to apply, please contact individual farms directly.

Farm #14

Primary Products:  nutrient dense local organic fruit, vegetables, farm fresh eggs, meat birds, cut flowers, and preserves
This farm accepts couples

This farm pays $400 per month stipend
Apprenticeship term:  May - October 31
This farmer has signed SOIL's host charter

We are located on 65 acres along the Gull River in Downtown Minden.  With access to amenities, stores, restaurants and the great outdoors. Some highlights are biking/hiking trails, fishing, beaches, docks, patios, fire pits, and boats available. 

We provide opportunities to participate in responsible environmental leadership by growing organic food & fostering a sense of community. As 4th generation farmers, we teach everything from living off the land, sustainable living to good hard work ethics in a safe and caring environment. Apprentices will have an opportunity to attend monthly C.R.A.F.T days where you have the opportunity to meet other farmers and apprentices. We will have daily field walks to discuss our day and use them to focus on particular aspects of learning and growth.

 We offer room and board with a $400 monthly stipend. We have a trailer outfitted with kitchen, sofa, and bed. Tents are welcome.

 You will be exposed to and learn daily routines such as the following:
-Tomato Greenhouse operations
-Care for plant health, seeding, weeding, planting, trellising and harvesting
-Irrigation, soil enrichment, cover crops, composting
-Customer Service
-Poultry management
-CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
-Business Planning and Marketing

Locastion:  Minden, ON