Farm #1

Primary Products:  vegetables and table grapes
This farm does not accept couples.
This farm is not able to accommodate children.
This farm offers a stipend.
Apprenticeship term:  May 1 to September 30
This farm has signed SOIL's Host Charter

We had always dreamt of owning our own farm and being more self reliant so we made a plan and after much preparation made the move from Guelph Ontarion to beautiful Cape Breton Island. We love the beauty of this rugged place and we have learned so much. When we moved here from the city it took time to adjust to what is real. You can't have any kind of food any time of the year! It 's been such a great experience learning to appreciate the time and effort it takes to grow food in it's season and most importantly, recognize the need to protect, nourish and build the soil. It's all about the soil. That's probably been our biggest take away these last 8 years. Again this season we will be working on improving soil structure and reducing weed pressure. Our goal is to move closer to the no till method throughout the farm but it takes time. We have about 3 acres of field to work but are currently only using 1.5 for vegetables, two greenhouse and we have a quarter acre table grape vineyard. 
We are located in a little village that time forgot. There's a general store that has anything you could ever need at the end our driveway, a community centre where they have local dances with live celtic music every monday night across the road, and the old church and rectory nestled inbetween. Its beautiful. We are on a paved road so bike riding is easy and we are close to several amazing beaches.
You would be working full days and some half days, depending on where we are and the weather, with evenings and Sundays off. You would work along side Rhonda, other employees and on your own doing a wide variety of tasks. A list of these would include making compost and compost tea, direct seeding and transplanting, greenhouse plant pruning and care, flame weeding, bed prep, irrigation set up and use, weeding, harvest and preparing for customer orders.
We have a comfortable trailor with a double bed, pullout couch, kitchen, bath and tv. We will provide your groceries and you can cook your own meals. We will also pay a small monthly stipend

Location:  Mabou, NS 


Farm #4

Primary products:  grass fed pork and beef, chickens, ducks, turkeys, eggs, milk, cheese, baked goods and vegetables
This farm accepts couples.
This farm may accommodate children.
This farm pays a stipend.
Apprenticeship term:  May 15 to November 1
This farm has signed SOIL's Host Charter

Ours is a family run farm located about 25km from Sussex, NB and about 60km from Fundy National Park. There is plenty of swimming and beaches nearby as well as hiking, biking and canoeing. The farm is about 380 acres with half woodland and half working fields in a picturesque river valley. Both farmers have plenty of teaching experience and have been farming this piece of land for nine years. We eat very well here, cooking and baking almost everything from scratch and using what we produce on the farm whenever possible! We raise free range natural meats, free range eggs and organically grown vegetables.

 Most of all we expect our apprentice to bring enthusiasm, an interest in learning and a good solid work ethic to our farm with them! We will be providing two meals a day and food will be available for the apprentice to prepare their own meals and snacks. Much of the time, the apprentice will be working with one of us and we will be teaching as we work. They will learn natural, small scale rearing methods for various livestock, organic gardening and more. A small stipend will be provided.

Location:  Sussex, NB

Farm #8

Primary Product: vegetables, eggs, pork and lamb
This farm offers a stipend.
This farm does not accept couples.
Apprenticeship term: May 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020
This farm has signed SOIL's Host Charter

Our mixed farm is the perfect place to learn how to grow veggies and raise livestock. We are located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley about an hour from the Halifax. Learn to grow from a young female farmer who has 8 years experience and sells at a farmers market year round. Besides vegetables, there are sheep, a llama, pigs, laying hens and some cattle on the farm. I grow veggies on about 3 acres plus a 135' long greenhouse and 100' hanley tunnel. Interns get to experience everything from starting transplants to harvest and winter storage. Growing greens, brassicas, sweet corn and root veggies, including sweet potatoes. Be prepared to work hard, working full days with evenings and the weekend off after we get back from the farmers market. Lots of hand work on your knees, plus some tractor work and working with animals. You will have your own room in my small home, and i do have a young beagle dog. Meals can be prepared together and you'll have to help wash dishes. Gluten free/dairy free meals available, no vegetarians. Since i am a young female this internship is only open to fellow females. Winerys, a cafe, restaurant and the beach are a bike ride away and also the nearest town with many shops. A small stipend is provided.

Wolfville, NS

 Farm #9

Primary production:  Organic grass fed beef, hay, garlic

This farm accepts couples,

This farm will consider hosting an apprentice with a child or children

Apprenticeship starts:: 5/15/2019

Apprenticeship ends:: 10/15/2019

Update to Farm Bio for Website: We are a certified organic family far. Our main crop is grass fed beef so we put a lot of work into making good fences, making good hay and growing good beef. We also grow organic meat birds and egg layers. We grow some grain and garlic. All of our sales are direct market. We have a monthly CSA as well as attending a weekly local Farmer's Market. We can offer you experience in animal husbandry and marketing. We have an extensive library that you are welcome to browse.

Location: Bridgetown, approximately 170 km from Halifax


Farm #24

Primary production:  Organic Vegetables, Fruit, Eggs
This farm accepts couples.
This farm offers a stipend.
This farm may be able to accommodate children.
Apprenticeship term: April 15 to November 15
This farm has signed SOIL's host pledge

At our farm you will get a true family farming experience. We have been farming in the Margarees since the late 1700's. 
Peter now runs his own vegetable farm where apprentices will spend most of their time learning about growing and marketing organic vegetables through a CSA, farmers markets and restaurant sales.
Brother Ben and his father Leo manage a herd of 35 cattle, and 60 ewes. The livestock are pasture raised and sold locally to families and restaurants. Leo also works with Belgian draft horses on a regular basis. Apprentices will have the opportunity to work with Ben on such jobs as fencing, hay making, working in the wood lot. 
A few times a week we all gather at the old family farm where Denise (Mrs. D) prepares beautiful meals with all the ingredients from the farm.
The Margaree's have a lot to offer for apprentices. From our beautiful sand beaches, weekly celtic square dances, fishing and canoeing on the Margaree River, biking along the Cabot Trail, and hiking in the Cape Breton Highlands.
Apprentices will live with Peter on his property in Margaree Forks. This property is isolated on the Coady Rd. with the river on the bottom section and beautiful mixed forest in the upper section. 

Location: Margaree Forks, NS