Farm #1  

 Primary production: vegetables, small fruit, poultry, some transformed products, pesto, relishes. 
This farm does not accept couples
This farm cannot accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend and a bonus for staying the season
Apprenticeship term: April 01 to October 15
This farm has signed SOIL's host charter

We are located in the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec. It is a small but extremely diverse farm that offers the opportunity to learn about many aspects of food production, horticulture and sustainable living. All of the work here is based on the belief that we need to protect our agricultural heritage and get people involved in building a strong local food system. There are several market gardens, a small orchard and a greenhouse. We also raise chickens, turkeys and sheep. 
I manage the weekly Farmers Market in our town, where we sell our produce. 
We hold educational workshops related to food production and sustainable living throughout the season and they are an important component of the activities here. 
I am looking for a person who will assist me in my work managing the farm, gardens and education centre. I am looking for someone who is fluently bi-lingual, both spoken and written, and has good social media skills. You will also need to have a drivers license.

The farm can be reached by a bus service from Montreal. We speak both English and French.

Location: near Mansonville.


Farm #2

Primary Production:  pastured pork, organic vegetables, maple syrup
This farm accepts couples
This farm may accept children (case by case basis)
This farm offers a weekly stipend
Apprenticeship term:  Apprenticeship terms: Since our farm has more than one production season per year, we break down the apprenticeship term options by production.
March 1st - May 1st: Maple Syrup (as well as crop planning and seed starting)
May 1st - September 1st: Vegetable production
May OR July 1st - November 1st: Vegetable and Pork production (as well as end of harvest festivities)
This farm has signed SOIL's host charter

Come join us on a heritage style Quebecois family farm in the hills of the Lanaudière region. The 200 acres of land has been cultivated by this family for over 30
years, but there is a lot of young energy and active learning, as the current farmer is the second generation, working the land with his associates (ie. friends and employees) and occasional volunteers. Aside from growing up on this land and gaining a ton of knowledge and experience from generation to generation, the farmer also has a diploma in Organic farm management and apprenticeship experience on many other farms (Quebec, USA and Europe), and leads workshops on his unique and successful pork and pasture rotation techniques.

The farm has seen many different projects over the years, including horse-drawn maple syrup harvesting, dairy cows, hay production, chicken "tractors", laying hens, goats, CSA baskets and more; and all of which you can learn about from the family. More recently the mainstay operations include pastured pork, organic vegetable production and maple syrup production. 

Being an apprentice here means you will learn how to ethically and sustainably raise meat pigs, grow organic vegetables and bring them all to market, as well as manage orders for suppliers (like restaurants, small grocers, and other institutions). As well, you can learn and observe the mechanisms of coordinating a cooperatively run farmer's market in the nearby town, and what it takes to manage all of these things at once. As only the third, and most recent farmland in Quebec, to be transferred into an agricultural land trust ("FUSA") you could have the rare opportunity to observe the process of developing the cooperatively governed land program. 

We also regularly host large events like dances and banquets on the farm (such as a traditional sugar shack, épluchette, etc.) so there is never a dull moment and always plenty of active community members to meet, learn from and network with! You will get to live in a comfy, cute, newly constructed yurt! A good balance of communal living and privacy, with all the necessary amenities at hand. 

The farmer is francophone but also speaks English and Spanish. The other farm residents are also bilingual.

The farm is close to Joliette, which can be reached by public transit in just over an hour from Montreal. The region has many things to offer including lots of hiking, kayaking, waterfalls, community events, and more. The scenery in the summer and autumn can be breathtaking as the leaves change across the rolling hills and the sunset reflects off the southern slopes of the neighbouring lands.

Location:  Sainte Melanie


Farm #3

Primary Products:  Fruit trees, nut trees, berries
This farm does not accept couples.
Apprenticeship term:  Mid July to mid November
This farm has signed SOIL's host charter

We are a small Buddhist community living in the forest close to Sainte Julienne, one hour north of Montreal. We have an organic fruit tree nursery along with many other projects on our land. We have several fruit orchards, keep chickens and bees, grow our own vegetables and herbs and try to be independent in many ways. In our nursery our motto is COPY NATURE; we use no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers and we try to work with nature as much as possible.

 We have a home that has been built over the last twenty years out of mostly recuperated materials, and we have just bought a new land where we hope to be able to experiment with new techniques using green cover crops. The place is really lovely, surrounded by beautiful forest, with a small lake.

We have a vast wealth of knowledge in different fields and opportunities to learn and work in these projects: construction, mechanic, welding, seed-saving, carpentry, soap-making, bee-keeping, compotes and canning, herbal medicine, electricity, identification of trees and edible plants, survival skills and more.

 There is a separate house on our land for volunteers to share, with some single rooms and some shared rooms. Three excellent meals a day are provided along with unlimited snacks. Interns will work in all areas in the nursery and the longer you stay and the more you show interest, the more opportunities you will be given to learn different skills and be given more responsibilities. Our internship is from mid-July to November but these dates are not completely fixed, we will welcome people to come for at least eight weeks during these months.

Location:  Rawdon