Farm #2

Primary production: mixed vegetable animal operation
This farm accepts couples
This farm may be able to accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: April 1 to October 31
This farmer has signed SOIL's host charter

Homesteader located near Kingston Ontario requires motivated intern willing to provide four hours daily morning help on mixed organic farmstead in exchange for room/board and moderate stipend.
Due to a long legal wrangling period the abandoned homestead property I grew up on became dilapidated and only recently was it possible to begin a project of rejuvenation. The house has been renovated and is up to date so attention will now turn to the old farm buildings. This is currently a functioning homestead (NOT commercial enterprise)  so the intern  will be part of the seasonal daily regimen which could include chores such as fruit tree pruning,  gardening, canning, cider making, livestock tending, fencing, firewood gathering, grounds maintenance, machinery maintenance, etc. Certain other side projects such as solar shower, rocket stove, off grid solar power, bridge building, gravity irrigation system or chainsaw mill lumber making, will be entertained given the applicants interest.
This large, secluded, peaceful property is a mixture of farm land and bush that sits beside a lake. The fields are currently being cropped by another organic farmer so my farm can't be considered a commercial enterprise per se. If you want to experience a functioning, busy, commercial type conventional farm  then this is not the place for you. However if the ins and outs of small scale natural agriculture/permaculture is of interest, or you desire to purchase your own homestead, then   this opportunity will be of benefit.
I have lots of agricultural experience having grown up on this organic farm. I hold a B.Sc.(Agr.) degree in crop science  as well as B.A (Hons)  in film studies. I use to operate my own organic garlic business. Sadly I was struck by a serious eye disease many years ago that severely disrupted my life and changed its direction. For years the old farmstead lay abandoned and it has only been recently that I could occupy it once again. Over the last few years the farm house was renovated but much remains to be done on the farm.

In return for your well appreciated helping hands I will share with you the practicalities of the rural lifestyle.  I hope to attract an intern who has a great work ethic, is conscientious, motivated and hopefully has a sense of humour as I like to keep things light hearted. Integrity and honesty are vital. The short work day will afford you lots of free time so if interested you may wish to tend your own garden plot which I will provide you or alternatively you can investigate some other off farm work or other side project of your own. I can teach you archery or bush craft skills. If you like you may cycle to the local village, hike in the bush or fish at the lake. Meditation practice is one of my fortes which I love to share. The farm house has high speed internet available to you. If you have a driver's license that would be helpful as I am unable to drive. You need to make me aware of any health (including mental health) issues that are of concern. Do you have dietary constraints? I am not a vegetarian nor is all my food organic but I am very familiar with vegetarian cuisine. I love cooking and hope you do too as meal chores will be shared. My (single white male) interests include travel, writing, martial arts, self-sufficiency, DIY projects, current affairs and meditation.

To conclude the farm is a peaceful enclave situated well away from neighbors. I may have another helper here (though unlikely) so be prepared to spend time alone. Hopefully you will enjoy the solitude that this kind of setting can provide. So if you are serious about learning what the rural lifestyle is all about, value the personal attention that I can give you and are forthright in your endeavours then I invite you to apply for this opportunity.

Location: near Kingston, ON


Farm #3

Primary products: Vegetables, pork, turkey, chicken, eggs
This farm does not accept couples.
This farm offers a stipend.
Apprenticeship term: May 1, 2019 to October 15, 2019
This farmer has signed SOIL's host charter

We are looking for a positive and hardworking individual who is passionate about farming! 
We produce an acre of vegetables for a CSA/farmer's market as well as pastured chicken, turkey, pork and eggs. You'll work alongside a young farmer with 7 years of experience in farming and gain a wide range of skills in raising livestock and running a successful CSA/market garden. 
The farm is located in a lovely area surrounded by small towns and 30 minutes from several larger cities. There's a very special community of young organic farmers here with farms about 5 minutes from each other. You'll get to be a part of this community and have the opportunity to learn from the other farmers as well. 
You'll have your own bedroom/bathroom in a separate area of our home on the farm with a shared kitchen. You'll receive a monthly stipend of $300 (or more depending on your level of experience).

Bright, ON

Farm #4

Primary products: pork, chicken, turkey, honey, vegetables, microgreens, baked goods, cut flowers, prepared meals, candles, garlic braids, cutting boards, aprons, and preserves
This farm offers a stipend.
Apprenticeship term: 5/1/2019 to 11/1/2019
This farmer has signed SOIL's host charter

Our Farm sits on 60 acres of mixed use land. We have a 2 acre pond as well as direct access to our neighbours 260 acres of conservancy forest. Including 9 km of hiking and biking trails. The Kawartha Lakes in which we preside have many local opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, skiing, boating, horseback riding, cultural events, theatre, arts and music. The farm itself has been lovingly restored with the help of Shawn Sutcliffe's guiding hand. The barn, the silo, guest cottage, outdoor kitchen, outdoor pizza oven, and tiny homes have all been built or refurbished using his wonderful business' reclaimed materials. Danielle French has been the owner and operator since 2008. Her dream and steadfast efforts are behind everything we do. For an in-depth look into her growth, and the farm along side her. I suggest you watch our Netflix show, called 'Taste of The Country'. It follows Danielle and her South Pond team through a year of operations. It includes her wishes, wants, and dreams for her vision. As well as the ups and downs of trying to make it all happen. It's been a huge hit. And has pushed our popularity further then we could have ever imagined. I myself am the farm manager. After living in BC and around the world working and travelling. I came back to Ontario. I did my apprenticeship program through C.R.A.F.T at Whole Circle Farm. Maggie and Johann are master farmers and literally changed my life. After leaving Whole Circle. I started and ran Viamede Resort's grounds and farming program. Having worked as a Chef previously. It was my desire to close the circle of food production with the final culinary execution that pushed me into this direction. Which slowly brought me to the position I'm in now. The accommodations we have are tiny homes made from reclaimed lumber and materials. They have modern mattresses but no bathroom facilities. Those are located just feet away as part of our Bridal Cottage. And will be made available on an ongoing basis. Meals will be provided by our kitchen staff. The stipend will be $400 dollars per month including room and board. There will be an opportunity to make extra money helping with catering or kitchen work for onsite events. This will be an hourly minimum wage plus tips scenario. Participating in catering or serving is not a requirement. Just an option. Having your own transportation while not essential, would be very helpful. Having a valid drivers licence is a must. If any accepted applicant needs to be taken into town for supplies. We will provide such once per week minimum. Our Farm is 1 1/2 hours North East of Toronto. And 20 mins South of Peterborough. It's a slice of Heaven.

Location: Peterborough, ON

Farm #5

Primary products: : Fermented foods. Raw milk cheeses. Multigrain sourdough. Herbal remedies. Maple syrup. Garlic. Apple cider
This farm accepts couples.

We are close to two major cities, connected to each by bike routes and highways and rivers and railways. The peaceful location here is a haven for wild birds and animals. Plenty of cycling and walking opportunities here. The guest yurt can be set up to house a family. Meals can be shared in the farmhouse or prepared there and eaten in he guest yurt. Sharing good food is important to our family, and one of our passions here.

Location: Greenfield, ON

Farms #12   CRAFT - Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training


If you're ready for a hands-on experience that will immerse you in ecological farming, then you've come to the right place. CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training) is your gateway to a farming internship experience that will change your life. Whether your dream is to have your own farm one day or you just want to learn some food-growing and hands-on skills that can be applied in other parts of your life, a farming internship is a powerful experience that will equip you with the tools and insights to make a real difference in the world.

CRAFT South West Ontario is a collaboration of organic and biodynamic farms whose aim is to provide opportunities for individuals to learn about ecological agriculture through an internship experience. Each CRAFT farm offers their own education model in conjunction with monthly CRAFT field days. These on-farm training days are open to interns from all CRAFT South West Ontario farms and include a potluck lunch, a group activity, a workshop, and a tour.

Each CRAFT farm operates independently and offers its own internship with individualized agreements around such things as living and eating arrangements, stipends, work hours, training methods, and internship start and end dates.

To learn more about CRAFT and for a list of participating farms visit:

For more information about internship opportunities and to apply, please contact individual farms directly.