Farm # 1   

Main production: vegetables, berries, fruit, herbs, flowers and seed crops. To a lesser extent, poultry.
This farm accepts couples.
This farm offers a stipend.
Apprenticeship term: Feb 2019 to Nov 2019

Learn all the skills you need to operate your own farm. Originally homesteaded in 1910, this 15-acre certified organic farm has 3-4 acres in cultivation growing a variety of vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, flowers, as well as a large seed collection for our seed company. We often have laying hens, and six greenhouses (3 are moveable). You will gain the knowledge and confidence to manage a major field and greenhouse (overseeing crops from seeding to harvest) and take part in selling produce at farmers’ markets, through a box program, and to local restaurants. You will also learn about seed production and marketing through both on and offline platforms. 

The owner of the farm has farmed since 1990 and is an experienced teacher who has taught farming courses at the local college. Our farm team is amazing and you will receive training from multiple farmers with many different and complementary skills to share.

Apprentices live together but have their own room in a lovely old farmhouse or in our cob house. The farm is near the small town of Sooke with beautiful beaches and a great community.

Location: Sooke, B.C. 45 km west of Victoria (50 minutes drive).

Farm #2

Primary products: chickens, eggs, pork, beef, dairy, fruit, vegetables
This farm does not accept couples.
This farm cannot accommodate children.
This farm offers $500/month stipend
Apprenticeship term: Accepting applications for Feb/March through Oct
This farm has signed SOIL's Host Pledge

--2019 INTERNS--
We are now accepting applications for 2019 interns. Interns will work and live in one of the most beautiful places on
earth, Vancouver Island. They will learn first hand, the tools necessary to become a pasture based organic meat
farmer. They will learn the ins and outs of how to operate a fast paced growing organic farm working alongside the
farmer and farm manager. This internship opportunity starts between March 1st - April 1st with a minimum
commitment of 4 months. Hours will be 30 hrs week with a private bedroom in a mobile home. Interns have access
to a full kitchen for cooking your own meals, WIFI and laundry.

Our 73 acre Certified Organic, Certified Demeter farm is devoted to raising animals on pasture to produce the
highest quality meat (chicken, pork and beef) and eggs. We sell our meat primarily through a 75 member monthly
meat CSA and at the farmers market on Saturdays. The farm is a diverse mix of pasture, silvopasture, forest,
permaculture orchard, household garden, ponds and wetlands. We are not hobby farmers. We eat, live, and sleep
farming.. this is all we do.

Regenerative Agriculture
Organic Pasture Raised Poultry and Pig Production
Management Intensive Grazing
100% Grassfed Beef Production
Marketing through a Meat CSA and Farmer's Market
Organic Garden and Orchard
Microdairy Management
Holistic Management
Irrigation systems

The Comox Valley area around us has beautiful beaches, rivers, forests, hiking, snowboarding/skiing, surfing,
whale watching, fishing and more. We are located about a 10 minute car ride to the closest amenities and 20
minutes from Courtenay, a city of 30,000 people. A personal vehicle is suggested if you want to explore Vancouver
Island. If you don't bring a vehicle, there are bus systems to get you around and we have bikes for your use.

Location: Black Creek


Farm #3  

 This farm accepts couples.
This farm offers a stipend.
Apprenticeship term:  March through October with a 3 month minimum
This farm has signed SOIL's Host Pledge

Located just 10 minutes from Duncan, BC we are close to hiking, biking and river swimming, this farm is located on 3 1/2 acres of flat land. We have use of 3 commercial greenhouses (both in ground crops and a seeding house), plus one acre of field in production. We farm year round, growing a multitude of veggies, herbs, berries and fruit. A wide range of skills will be learned - crop rotations, seeding, planting, harvesting, caring for chickens and turkeys, with an option to come to market and learn the sales end of things. Expect to work a full 40 hours/ week (8 hours a day). Work is quite physically demanding. We provide a stipend, which will be decided depending on skill level, experience, etc. Accommodation is a private room in the main house with access to kitchen, bathroom, living areas. 

Location:  Duncan


Farm #4 

Primary production: mixed veggies and herbs
This farm does not accept couples
This farm is unable to accommodate children
This farm offers a minimum wage or higher
Apprenticeship term: May 1 to October 31
This farm has signed SOIL's Host Pledge

The farm is a 37-acre, certified organic farm. Ten acres are devoted to vegetable production, producing over 50 varieties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. We offer shares in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program to customers on Vancouver Island and in the City of Vancouver. We also sell to restaurants and at farmers markets. 
The farm sits along along French Creek and the historic E & N Railway on Vancouver Island, BC. Nestled in the shadow of Mount Arrowsmith the farm receives more sunshine than most of Vancouver Island. This has lead to many locals referring to this area as the “banana belt.”
The farm sits between Qualicum Beach and Parksville and is near some of the best biking, hiking and fishing on Vancouver Island. 
We have a diverse innovative farming operation, which requires a wide range of skills: greenhouse seedling production, field planting, weeding and harvesting, produce deliveries, and building an repairing infrastructure. Be prepared for physically demanding work.

We may consider someone looking for an April start date.  We offer room and board on the farm and in trailers on the farm.  Meals will be provided. We will eat as a crew once a day at lunch. For all other meals, apprentices are welcome to use the food from the farm. A stipend will be provided each month.
While some exposure to commercial agriculture is preferred, it is not required as long as one has a good attitude and work ethic.

Our ideal candidate has:

• A serious interest in farming as a lifestyle and/or livelihood
• Physical ability to carry out farm tasks
• Lots of energy and highly motivated
• A mind for efficiency
• Open and positive communication skills
• Open to learning
• A friendly personality and willingness to spend time with customers, chefs, and CSA members
• Sense of humour

Location: Parksville, BC


Farm #5

Primary Production: Organic Heritage Field and Greenhouse Vegetables; Greens; Cut Flowers; Annual and Perennial Herbs; Tree Fruits; Assorted Berries; Table Grapes; Melons;  Honey Production; Organic Eggs;  Poultry; and a Pollinator Garden.
This farm accepts couple
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: short-term  or year-round opportunities

This Farm has been in production for the past 30 years. It is a 23-acre certified organic farm serving the community with an annual veggie box program; a daily on-farm market;  selected restaurants with weekly deliveries;  a Summer Family U-pick program;  training opportunities for new farmers;  as well as providing social space for community farm events.

The farm hosts on and off-farm markets; a Spring and Fall Veggie Box Program; and a Family U-pick Operation for all crops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week.  We encourage staff to assist and mingle with picker families to gives them opportunities to become familiar with local food production.   We encourage new Canadians families to practice their English; become familiar with local food production and the possibilities of farming and food production in their new life in Canada.  

The farm has introduced a Farm Skills Questionnaire for use by all farm workers to help them and the farm to place these people correctly in the farm team and to guide us in providing additional training where it is needed.   As we move along in the farm’s development and the owners age, the questionnaire will help us select farm members to make up a Farmer Co-operative who will carry the farm into the future.   We are currently seeking experienced farmers who may wish to consider organic farming as a career;  or use their employment time on the farm to learn about food production so that they can maintain a year-round sustainable garden.    

The farm is a short cycle ride from Nanoose Community Centre and on a bus line linking the communities of Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Lantzville, Nanoose, Parksville and Qualicum Beach. Nanaimo is the home of Vancouver Island University, close to most recreational facilities, beaches & hiking or biking trails.

Location: The farm is located at 1960 Stewart Road, off Northwest Bay Road in Nanoose, 25 km northwest of Nanaimo, which is a 30 minute drive, but also served by a regional bus route. Very countrified when  we arrived here 30 years ago, but rapidly becoming urbanized.



Farm #7

Main production: Berries, Eggs, Fruit, Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, Beef, Lumber, Vegetables
This farm accepts couples, and may be able to accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: March 1 to October 1
This farm has signed SOIL's host charter

An opportunity for an enthusiastic and skilled family, couple or individual to be part of a mixed organic farm community. The 300 acre homestead on Cortez Island provides a healthy environment and teaches us to be more self sufficient. A large garden, greenhouses, a woodlot and sawmill, orchard, milk cows and beef cattle, goats, pigs, laying hens, and an alternative energy system. As many as six families and varying numbers of Wwoofers participate in the farm year-round, creating a dynamic, diverse and enthusiastic community. Great access to hiking, biking, swimming and fishing!

We invite you to a world where people live in rhythm with nature and its seasons, grow and process their own food, raise their own livestock, make a small ecological footprint, using many modern tools for doing so (like alternative energy and some pretty good bicycles). We invite you to come and live with us and learn with us.

Location: Cortes/Whaletown BC. Cortes Island.


Farm #9

Primary production: Vegetables, berry fruits, seeds, herbs, flowers and preserves
This farm cannot accept couples or accommodate children
This farm does not offer on-farm accommodations
Apprenticeship Term: April to November
This farm has signed SOIL's host charter

This farm is located adjacent to the Northeast end of Prospect Lake at the base of the Saanich Peninsula. It is a four acre farm nestled in the woods with an abundant wildlife habit. There is a ½ acre market garden with numerous varieties of berries, perennial herbs and flowers, mushrooms and a large variety of annual vegetable crops grown for seed and food. A small greenhouse is used for vegetable starts in spring and heat loving crops in summer. Jobs are varied, numerous and always open to creativity. Learn from an active and experienced farmer growing vegetables, berries and seeds for the farmers market, also producing value-added products for sale. There is a focus on seed preservation and growing for and supporting seed groups in the area. An apprentice would be needed one or two days per week in exchange for learning and a bountiful lunch but would need to find accommodation elsewhere. 

Location: Victoria, BC. 13 km north of Victoria, 20 minutes drive.

Farm #11

Primary products: baby salad greens, micro greens, tomatoes, carrots, beets , radish, turnip, kale, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, pac choi and some specialty crops for our own consumption.
This farm offers a stipend.
This farm does not accept couples.
Apprenticeship term: April 1 to October 25

An apprentice at our farm will learn how to run an efficeint, organic, small scale, and proftiable market garden. In completion of this apprenticeship one will have a wealth of knowledge to put towards the creation and success of his or her own market garden venture. They will learn planning and hands on skills to make their dreams of making a meaningful career a reality. Their apprenticeship involves physical work and repetitive tasks which is mixed with work on efficient machinery and lighter jobs that bid well to lengthy conversations. Salt Spring Island has a vibrant culture and many outdoor recreational opportunities for enjoying time spent away from the farm. Accommodations are comfortable, clean and private.

Location: Salt Spring Island, BC

Farm #14

Products: Honey, Veggies, Berries, Apples, Mead
This farm offers a stipend.
This farm accepts couples.
Apprenticeship term: April 15 to October 31
This farm has signed SOIL's host pledge.

Welcome Apprentice,
We value your decision to explore farming and are looking forward to your participation with us.  To ensure that your time on our farm is educational and rewarding, please take the following agreement into consideration before we begin our season together.   We will hold a place for you at our farm once you confirm with us that this agreement works for you.   We need to have our full staff lined up and ready to go by late March, so please let us know as soon as possible if an emergency comes up and you cannot fulfill your commitment.
(Intern Responsibilities)
Your intern period will begin early April and end in October.  During these months, you will be asked to do a variety of tasks that may include greenhouse, field work, animal husbandry, nursery crops, farm maintenance, selling at farmers markets etc. You will need a valid driver’s license. Expect the work to be physically and mentally demanding and the conditions to vary. While you will not be pushed beyond your physical ability, we hope that you enter this experience in good overall health.  The first two weeks will be considered a trial period and any specific needs or disabilities should be disclosed at this time.
 Some of your responsibilities will include:
¥ Beekeeping-all aspects
¥ weed management, including the use of power tools (with training)
¥ harvesting
¥ farm maintenance
¥ cultivation
¥ marketing: assisting in special events and working in our tasting room and at farmers markets
¥ care of livestock
¥ the planting and care of a harvest garden and berry pasture
As an intern/apprentice, you will be required to work 40 hours per week on production-oriented projects.  You will be asked to participate 5 days a week, for approximately 7-8 hours per day, also depending on weather, harvest urgency, etc.   During the week we begin at 9 am and finish around 5 pm.  When bees are being moved we tend to be longer.  Every Monday and Tuesday will be your days off unless you arrange otherwise with us. 
 Every Wednesday morning, if possible, we will meet and review the activities of the previous week.  This is a time when we will do a walk about the farm, lay out our work schedule/goals and interns can share any comments or concerns they have regarding their farm responsibilities.  A good work ethic and attitude is essential.  Each day will include a 45 minute break for lunch.
 During your time working with us you may take some personal time off, provided it does not conflict with the greater needs of the farm schedule.  7 days of advance notice are required.  You will be given a minimum of 8 days off for every month of apprenticeship with us.
 (Farmer Responsibilities)
In exchange for your help, we are interested in providing you with a dynamic, hands-on experience that will allow you to explore farming as a profession and lifestyle.  We plan to spend at least 3 hrs/week teaching the basic skills. Much of your learning will happen while we work on tasks together and we explain to you how and why we do our tasks the way we do.  Additional projects and training are available for individuals that show a high degree of motivation, interest and commitment.. As an intern, you are also invited to join Canadian Organic Growers- Vancouver Island monthly meeting for growers and other interns in which you will be able to see and discuss the operation on other organic farms. 
This Farm is located in Sooke, 40 km from Victoria.    The nearest bus stop is 5 km from the farm.   We are across the street from the ocean, 5 kms from a lake.  The farm has an old bike which you may use but you may want to bring a bike of your own.
 You will receive a small living stipend each month beginning with $100 the first month, increasing $50 per month to a maximum of $200 per month, and the opportunity to use the designated produce from the farm.   You will also be given $300 per month to purchase needed food supplies.  You will prepare your meals in your own quarters, occasionally sharing meals with our family.   Housing arrangements will be as follows:
 We have a small cabin
Electricity - yes
Water - yes
Shower –yes
Oven and stove-yes
Heat-wood and oil heater.
Phone – You may use our phone for local calls between 5-6 pm. You will need a calling card for long distance calls.
Laundry is located in the main house. You will be able to do your laundry one day a week. We can arrange this upon your starting.
Computer access – at the public library, cabin has limited wireless access for your own laptop.
 No pets are allowed on the farm.
Guests:  Guests are welcome but they must fit in with our farm work schedule There is a futon in the cabin they can use to stay with you. You should check with us to make sure the timing is good for their visit. Please check with us before inviting guests to stay more than 48 hrs. Please do not plan to have guests use the cabin when you are not there.

Location: Sooke, BC

Farm #15

Primary production: Vegetables and vegetable seed
This farm offers a wage of $14 per hour.
This farm accepts couples
Apprenticeship term: March 4, 2019 to November 1, 2019

Come and share our passion for local organic food! We're a 6 acre diverse veggie farm nestled in a sweet rural enclave 30 minutes west of Victoria. We work hard, eat well and are inspired by the land and our beautiful surroundings. While most of our work is done by hand, we have some key machinery to eliminate most of the heavy lifting. Our soil fertility is second to none which means that farming is really fun and successful. We're a farm that actually makes money, and we can teach you how.
We're part of a few radically cooperative farmer initiatives to get our beautiful produce to the people. Apprentices will get to work beside us and have a first hand view of how we do everything from crop planning to production, marketing and accounting.
We're located 500m from the ocean, and a 10 minute walk to a stunning beach. There are great hiking and biking trails all around the farm, and two great swimming lakes just a 10 minute drive away. 
We pay $14/hr and there is the possibility of accommodation in a trailer on the farm.

Metchosin, BC

Farm #16

Primary products: fruit and nut trees, Farm-to-Table Catered Meals, Annual Vegetables, Pasture Raised Pork, Herbal Teas.
This farm may accept couples.
This farm offers a stipend.
Apprenticeship term: February 15 to October 15th (must apply by February 1)

This is a full-time position that is ideal for a couple, or a single person interested in receiving a practical education in nursery and general farm management. You will be working full-time assisting Peter in the running of our nursery, a thriving edible plant business. This will entail learning and enacting all forms of fruit and nut tree propagation (including seeding, cuttings, grafting and stooling) greenhouse management, orchard maintenance and growth and assisting in front-end relations and selling. In addition to nursery work this position also offers more diverse farm learning/homestead skills such as animal husbandry, construction, annual gardening and food processing.

Applicants must have at least 1 season of experience working or volunteering in farming/gardening, and a keen motivation to learn farm and nursery skills. We are looking for enthusiastic, hard working, positive, community minded, passionate folks who value healthy communication and personal and collective well being.
The successful applicants will be self-motivated and enjoy working as part of our farm team, and be competent doing a certain amount of self-directed tasks and holding down some basic responsibility in some areas of the farm.
Everyday we work together and share food, stories, learning, and grunt work. We value people who are fun, flexible, open minded, are willing to be honest and take initiative in the realms of communication, and who have high personal standards of work and integrity.
We would be happy to consider a couple instead of an individual. In which case we would negotiate having two apprentices for the year. 

In exchange we can offer a stipend of $400/month, hand-built accommodation with amenities, delicious and healthy farm food (and the store bought stuff that we still need), and an in-depth education in farm things as listed above. We will do formal book learning/theory/presentations once a month on relevant topics. Apprentices will have at least 2-3 weeks off over the summer.

Location: Denman Island, BC


Farm #17

Primary production: Mixed vegetables, blueberries, eggs, chickens
This farm offers a minimum wage or higher,
This farm accepts couples.
This farm does not offer on-farm accommodations
Apprenticeship term: 4/15/2019 to 10/31/2019
This farm has signed SOIL's host charter

This is a certified organic farm growing mixed vegetables, blueberries, and laying hens on 7 acres of a beautiful 20 acre property in Central Saanich. Other farming operations share this property, so it is a lively farming community. We farm for a living, not a hobby, so are looking for an efficient, hard worker who wants to learn by doing. We are looking for farmhands, but continue to list with SOIL because our ideal farmhand is someone considering organic farming as a potential career and wants to learn as they work. We want people who will jump in with both feet and bring curiosity, passion, and a positive attitude to this work we love so much. In 2019, there is no on-farm accommodation available, but the farm is close to Victoria and Sidney, near bus routes.
This farm has signed SOIL's host charter

Location: Victoria, BC. 22 km north of Victoria, 25 minutes drive.

Farm #18  

Primary products:  Wool, veggies, fruit, herbs, eggs and meat are produced.
This farm accepts couples.
This farm cannot accommodate children.
Apprenticeship term:  June 10 (or earlier) to Aug 31 (or beyond)
This farm has signed SOIL's host charter

Our farm has something for every interest. From livestock to food forests to gardens and orchards, this farm provides a variety of experience and skill-development for everyone. As farmers and teachers, we are always eager to learn and to pass on what we know, so the exchange of knowledge and ideas is two way. There is also room here to experiment with new ideas. There is hiking and swimming either on the property or close by. Meals can be eaten overlooking the gorgeous views from the bluffs. There is a lot of space on the bluffs, in the woods or marsh to explore. The farm is about 10 kms out of Duncan in one of the most fertile farming areas on Vancouver Island, so meeting other farmers and exchanging ideas is an important feature of life. The food is fantastic and most of it is grown right here. If you enjoy wildlife, you might catch a glimpse of the beavers who keep the water in the marsh. There are deer and rabbits everywhere. Mink cross the driveway regularly. At night, owl hooting and frog-song will be your lullaby. There is nowhere better to spend a summer.

Duncan, BC


Farm #23

Primary products: vegetable crops, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, apples, pears, cherries, plums, eggs, apple juice, dried fruit
This farm does not accept couples.
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: 3/1/2019 to 11/30/2019

Our farm is located in a scenic and quiet spot on in the Gulf Islands in British Columbia. There are walking trails through the woods and to a beach, and a small lake where you can swim in the summer. We live in a dynamic farming community and there are many opportunities to interact with like-minded people in fun social settings. Our community attracts interesting people who are doing interesting things and there are opportunities to visit other farms and be inspired by the variety of things going on. 
We have been farming here for 20 years and have developed efficient organic methods for producing food year-around on a small scale. Our farm was originally homesteaded in the 1880s and consists of about 120 acres of forest surrounding 40 acres of farmed land. We grow tree fruit, berries, and veggies using organic and low-till methods. We grow crops in six greenhouses to extend the growing season as well as crops in eight large outside beds with 50’ rows. We also grow hay (about 20 acres) and propagate and sell nursery plants from a large ornamental garden. In the fall we process most of our abundant apple crop as well as many other customer's apples into apple juice. Our produce is sold at a local farmer’s market, our farm stand, and local stores and restaurants.
We are looking for two apprentices to help us in all aspects of our farm. You will learn about the whole cycle - from seed to plate - of growing edible plants organically with low tillage: seeding, transplanting, soil care and maintenance, methods of soil preparation, mulching, irrigation systems, harvesting, cleaning and preparation for sale, and marketing the produce. You will also be involved with caring for chickens, haying in early summer, apple harvesting, apple pressing (we press our apples as well as many other people’s apples on the island). You will be able to eat much of the food we produce and discover eating seasonally. We grow a large diversity of crops!
We expect that you will work more than 40 hours most weeks, either on the farm or at the farmer’s market. Some busy mid-season weeks it could be more hours. Throughout the season we have a farm stand to stock and a farmer’s market on Saturday. Everyday there are chickens to feed, coops to clean, and eggs to collect. The farm stand needs to be opened and closed every day. You will be expected to share all these responsibilities with us and we hope that you will be able to take sole responsibility for some of those tasks as the season progresses. Sunday usually is a day off for everyone. Typically most days, one of us will be working with you, although some days you will be on your own working on a project we started together. 
We offer accommodation in a small fully equipped and furnished two bedroom cottage and a monthly stipend, as well as providing some staples and produce from the farm.

Location: Salt Spring Island, BC


Farm #24  

Primary Production: Certified Organic Blueberries, and other value added products. Fresh and Frozen Wild Pacific Salmon -(we are also a commercial fishing family) Fresh Vegetables and Fruits from the Garden
This farm accepts couples
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship Term: May 1 to Sept 30
This farm has signed SOIL's Apprenticeship Host Charter

Our Farm is near a lake for swimming, kayaking, etc. There are bikes and a canoe available.. We are just a few minutes from the ocean. Our Cabin has a modern kitchen and bathroom, and a large deck to sit and watch the farm life from. Food is provided, and can be cooked in your own space, or, ore commonly we all eat together! We use mainly fresh garden veggies, seafood, and organic local farm products. The farm is 26 acres, a historic farm since the 1880's. Although apprentices will learn all aspects of fruit and vegetable growing, the focus will also be on the Blueberry operation, learning skills from the ground up - including growing organically, disease and pest management, scouting, picking, weighing, grading, packing and delivery. As well, marketing and management skills will be taught. Priority would be given to the right person or couple who may consider staying on with year round accommodation, in a Manager or Leaser role, although we will take on apprentices who may not have long term goals, as well. 

Location: Alberni Valley -( mid-Vancouver Island)

Farm # 33



Production: Garlic, salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, beets, blueberries, rhubarb, black currants, apples
This farm accepts couples.
This farm may be able to accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend.
Apprenticeship term: March 1 to October 31
This farmer has signed SOIL's host charter

Our farm is a mixed organic farm situated 6km north of Courtenay. We have a 2 acre market garden with 6 hoop houses,1 acre of blueberries and 1 acre of mixed fruit and nut trees. We grow a diverse range of vegetables and fruit through the shoulder seasons. Interns will learn from and be supervised by our Farm Manager. Learning will happen in the field as well as in a classroom setting. Once Interns have confidence in a task they will be expected to carry out that job without constant supervision. Interns and the Farm Manager live in a separate house from the farm owners. The accommodations include a living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, and laundry facilities. Each person has their own bedroom. Weekday lunches are eaten together and each intern will have 1 day a week that they’ll prepare food for the group. Breakfast and dinner are the Interns’ responsibility and Intern meal sharing often occurs. You'll have access to lots of farm fresh veggies plus vegetarian ingredients provided by the farm. Interns will get to see the full production cycle from planting a seed to the farmers market. We distribute our produce to a 150 share CSA, 3 farmers markets, and restaurants. Our Farm Manager will guide the weekly tasks but Interns are expected to be active participants in the success of the farm by being self-motivated, enthusiastic, and team players.

Location: Courtenay, BC