Farm #1

Primary Products:  vegetables, micro greens, table grapes
This farm does not accept couples.
This farm is not able to accommodate children.
This farm offers a stipend.
Apprenticeship term:  April 15 to October 1
This farm has signed SOIL's Host Charter

We had always dreamt of owning our own farm and being more self reliant so we made a plan and after much preparation made the move from Guelph Ontarion to beautiful Cape Breton Island. We love the beauty of this rugged place and we have learned so much. When we moved here from the city it took time to adjust to what is real. You can't have any kind of food any time of the year! It 's been such a great experience learning to appreciate the time and effort it takes to grow food in it's season and most importantly, recognize the need to protect, nourish and build the soil. It's all about the soil. That's probably been our biggest take away these last 8 years. Again this season we will be working on improving soil structure and reducing weed pressure. Our goal is to move closer to the no till method throughout the farm but it takes time. We have about 3 acres of field to work but are currently only using 1.5 for vegetables, two greenhouse and we have a quarter acre table grape vineyard. 
We are located in a little village that time forgot. There's a general store that has anything you could ever need at the end our driveway, a community centre where they have local dances with live celtic music every monday night across the road, and the old church and rectory nestled inbetween. Its beautiful. We are on a paved road so bike riding is easy and we are close to several amazing beaches.
You would be working full days and some half days, depending on where we are and the weather, with evenings and Sundays off. You would work along side Rhonda, other employees and on your own doing a wide variety of tasks. A list of these would include making compost and compost tea, direct seeding and transplanting, greenhouse plant pruning and care, flame weeding, bed prep, irrigation set up and use, weeding, harvest and preparing for customer orders.
We have a comfortable trailor with a double bed, pullout couch, kitchen, bath and tv. We will provide your groceries and you can cook your own meals. We will also pay a small monthly stipend

Location:  Mabou, NS



Farm #2

Primary production: mixed greens, shoot mix, herbs, market vegetables
This farm offers a minimum wage or higher
This farm does not accept couples
This farm cannot accommodate children
Apprenticeship Term: March 12 to November 23

Our farm is a place where many opportunities await both the aspiring farmer and the curious person looking to understand food. While the farm is a commercial business, the resources to learn about farming are many; there is a library of periodicals and books, a small plot of land to play with, experienced farmers to answer questions, and a successful, well established farm to experience. We strive to accommodate and challenge interns so that when they finish the season feel fulfilled and ready to continue their journeys. Those who bring questions, motivation and a sense of humor find the best fit here. Also, previous experience is valued but passion and hard work trump all else. A commitment to a whole season is expected, benefiting the farm and the intern most. 

There are ten greenhouses that are used for season extension, which allow growing to start in February and finish harvesting in December. A processing building houses a walk-in cooler and allows us to process more effectively and out of the elements. 

Come and join our fun farm family!

Location: Maitland, Nova Scotia

Farm #3

Primary Products:  vegetables
This farm accepts couples.
This farm offers a stipend.
Apprenticeship term:  June 1 to October 1

An apprenticeship on our farm will offer you the opportunity to spend a season on beautiful Cape Breton Island. We are only 14km from the lake-side village of Baddeck, 7km from Big Spruce Brewing, and 50km from stunning ocean beaches. 
We offer learning in all aspects of intensive ecological vegetable production, from seed to sale, and a chance to support the early stages of a permaculture inspired orchard. 
You will be housed in a large, comfortable RV. We like to strike a balance of privacy and shared time. We will share 1 meal each day together, taking turns with meal preparation. There will also be opportunities to learn about preserving, fermenting, and baking, if that interests you.
Your host also works as a Community Food Coordinator, so there is the chance to get involved in community food security initiatives. 
When you are not farming? We are right on the famous Cabot Trail. You can explore, bike, hike, swim, sail, kayak, and more. The town and the brewery offer music and events so civilization is at your doorstep (when you want it!).

Location:  Baddeck, NS

Farm #4

Primary products:  grass fed pork and beef, chickens, ducks, turkeys, eggs, milk, cheese, baked goods and vegetables
This farm accepts couples.
This farm may accommodate children.
This farm pays a stipend.
Apprenticeship term:  May 15 to November 1
This farm has signed SOIL's Host Charter

Ours is a family run farm located about 25km from Sussex, NB and about 60km from Fundy National Park. There is plenty of swimming and beaches nearby as well as hiking, biking and canoeing. The farm is about 380 acres with half woodland and half working fields in a picturesque river valley. Both farmers have plenty of teaching experience and have been farming this piece of land for nine years. We eat very well here, cooking and baking almost everything from scratch and using what we produce on the farm whenever possible! We raise free range natural meats, free range eggs and organically grown vegetables.

 Most of all we expect our apprentice to bring enthusiasm, an interest in learning and a good solid work ethic to our farm with them! We will be providing two meals a day and food will be available for the apprentice to prepare their own meals and snacks. Much of the time, the apprentice will be working with one of us and we will be teaching as we work. They will learn natural, small scale rearing methods for various livestock, organic gardening and more. A small stipend will be provided.

Location:  Sussex, NB


Farm #5 

Primary production: Organic vegetables, herbs, fruit, honey, eggs and meat
This farm accepts couples
This farm may be able to accommodate children
This farm offers minimum wage or higher
Apprenticeship term: March to October

We have been full time farmers for 25 years. We are a quasi joint venture between father and daughter. Located on approximately 100 acres bordering the Kennetcook river, near Brooklyn, Hants county. This includes pasture, hayland, woodlots, and around three acres of intensive gardens, and 4 green houses. We keep a few laying hens, cows, milk goats, draft horses, ducks, rabbits, guinea hens, and bees!! which all apprentices have the opportunity of working with.  

The focus on this farm is permaculture -- developing human scale, self-reliant food and shelter systems. 

Anna(alex's daughter) operates her market gardens(two acres) and CSA, usually with one apprentice per season, paying a small stipend. Alex teaches permaculture design 2 month internships.

We help each other frequently, and most garden work is by hand or using a single horse. We make hay, haul firewood, milk goats, swim a lot, and generally try to have a good time. Although our homes and farm markets operate separately(mostly), and the Permaculture Design Course has a fee, apprentices and interns often mingle, and classes are open if an apprentice can arrange the time. A minimal stipend is negotiable, depending on experience.

Location: Windsor, NS, approximately 60 km from Halifax.


Farm #6   Full for 2018 Season

This farm is full for 2018 season.

Primary production: veggies
This farm accepts couples
This farm may be able to accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: March to November
This farm has signed SOIL's Host Charter

Day to day work is busy, intense, challenging but also rewarding as we harvest beautiful vegetables and herbs for the CSA bags or stand aside as our delivery van leaves the farm four days a week with boxes of vegetables, ready to eat salad mix or head lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers to be delivered to the three health food stores in the city and some of the St. John's finest restaurants. We also sell from the on-site farm store. The farm is a quiet, out of the way, beautiful place where the paths and gardens are edged with edible flowers, music playing from speakers in the greenhouses and the children are usually able to convince their parents to visit the irrigation pond to see the fish. 

Our goal is for the farm to provide the apprentice an opportunity to understand and practice all aspects of organic farming in a way that meets his learning style and specific skills and interest. The format and manner in which this is done, will be developed with the apprentice, establishing learning goals and specific skills, whether this be soil analysis, mixing and applying compost tea, soil preparation, growing sprouts or managing a market vendor's stall. 

The learning opportunities will include but are not limited to: 

Crop planning, Soil Analysis and Field production ( forming beds, discing and cultivating)
Sourcing untreated and organic seeds. Seeding and transplanting
Greenhouse Management, including Monitoring Geo-Thermal Greenhouses
Watering and Irrigation. Weed Control and Pest Management
Introduction to Growing Sprouts, Micro-Greens and Edible Flowers
CSA and Farmers Market Experience
Restaurant Orders and Invoice Preparation
Training in Food Handling and Food Safety
Record Keeping for Organic Certification and Canadian Food Safety Standards
Experience with SIMPLY Accounting/ Financial Record Keeping

Location: Portugal Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador


Farm #9

Primary production: Certified organic grass-fed beef, pastured chicken, eggs, forage crops, some small fruit and garlic. Conventionally raised lamb
This farm accepts couples
This farm cannot accommodate children
This farm offers a stipend
Apprenticeship term: April to November
This farm has signed SOIL's host charter

We have a seventh generation family farm. The farm is located between Annapolis Royal and Bridgetown and has access to woodland trails. Danny has been farming livestock forever and we offer the opportunity to try your hand at many different skills, from birthing sheep, goats and cattle as well as sheering sheep. We help with cutting our own meat and will teach butchering if requested. We grow garlic, some grains and a pretty weedy but optimistic garden. I make jam and kombucha; I even ferment vegetable a little. We have an awesome library.We offer apprentices their own room in the house. You can help with the cooking or not as you prefer. We are located about 2 hours from Halifax. We do not have the internet but I go to the library a few times a week and we can use computers there.

Location: Bridgetown, approximately 170 km from Halifax


Farm #17

Primary production:  Vegetables, starting with fruit, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and dogs
This farm needs 1 apprentice
This farm offers a weekly stipend
Apprenticeship Term: May 1, 2017 to May 1, 2018
This farm has signed SOIL's host charter

We have a 130 acre farm right next to the beautiful Kejimkujik National Park, about a two-hour drive from Halifax. Our nearest town is a 20-minute drive away, and we have bikes available. There is a 4 acre lake and just over 100 acres of woodland, with an acre market garden including hoop house and approximately 15 acres in pasture.
We're a small, diversified family operation with a lot to offer in addition to vegetable production. We sell our produce at the farmer's market from the May long weekend through September in Annapolis Royal. We have Rhode Island Rec chickens, Fjord horses, Icelandic sheep and dairy goats that we keep on rotational pasture, and we make as much of our own hay as possible. We prefer to build anything we need out of locally sourced wood either from our farm or nearby woodlots, and spend the winter in our woodlot, felling trees and hauling out firewood. Until we moved in three years ago the farm had been let go for about twenty years, so there are a lot of building and repair projects. We breed our (five) German Shepherds so occasionally have numbers of small fluffy puppies in need of socialization.

We don't have a tractor here - when we say horse power, we mean it. Our horses are used for everything, from hauling wood to plowing over land. Depending on skill and comfort level, interns have the opportunity to learn to care for and work with the draft horse as a main source of power on the farm.
Interns are invited to join us for the full year, winter included. The regular work schedule runs from 8 am - 6 pm, with an hour lunch break. Interns do part-time weekends on a rotating basis, watering on the farm and working the market.

Location:  Caledonia


Farm #24

Primary production:  Organic Vegetables, Fruit, Eggs
This farm accepts couples.
This farm offeres a stipend.
This farm may be able to accommodate children.

Apprenticeship term: April 1 to November 15
This farm has signed SOIL's host pledge

Our family operation now has three separate properties in the Margarees. Our family has been working the land here since the late 1700's. Interns will live and work mostly with Peter on his farm in Margaree Forks, whch has two acres of mixed vegetables, 20 laying hens, cold frames, sugar bush, and we are working on a series of ponds and contoured Swales in a permaculture design. The vegetables are for a 40 member CSA, local restaurants and Farmers Markets. Other vegetables are grown on brother Bens farm 3 km away. At the old homestead of Leo and Denise there is a herd of 30 cattle, 30 sheep, pigs and a team of Belgian draft horses. 

Interns will get a lot of experience working in the gardens with Peter while staying here. The season starts in April with planting and flows through the season with direct seeding, transplanting, weeding, mulching in spring. The harvest starts in early April with the first salad greens going to restaurants. The harvest really picks up in June-July with the CSA and markets and continues to the end of October. WWOOFer will help harvest, wash, process and package the bounty. 

In addition, one can also work with the animals on Leo's farm; from helping with daily feedings, to witnessing the amazement of calving and lambing, bottle feeding (when needed), cleaning stables, etc. Your assistance in fencing in the spring and hay making in the summer will also provide beneficial experiences and many lasting memories.

While staying in the Margarees, one can also expect to enjoy all that this small community has to offer including its beautiful beaches, traditional Celtic Square Dances, live music, Cape Breton Kitchen parties, canoeing on the Margaree Heritage river, foraging for mushrooms in our back yard, hiking, and just taking in the beautiful valley.

We are welcoming interns from April to November 2017

Location: Margaree Forks, NS