Your chances for achieving a satisfying and fruitful apprenticeship will greatly increase if you take the time to examine some of the resources below. 

Helpful info for apprentices

SOIL's Apprenticeship Manual: A comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your apprenticeship.

A sample apprenticeship contract

ACORN's Guide for Beginning Farmers

CRAFT Southwestern Ontario: CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training) is a collaboration of organic and biodynamic farms whose aim is to provide opportunities for interns to learn more about sustainable small-scale agricultural production. The CRAFT program offers on-farm training to the interns of all regional CRAFT farms.

Helpful info for farmers

SOIL's Apprenticeship Manual: (same as above): a comprehensive guide for providing a good apprenticeship.

NEW: Canadian Employment Regulations by province

Efficiency on the Farm: some insights about how staff can save time and get more done during the work day

Webinar: Apprenticeship Overview by Rowena Hopkins. 45 Minutes; conveniently tagged for skipping to portions you're interested in.

A list of interview questions to use with apprenticeship applicants

A set of guidelines/standards for offering a mutually beneficial apprenticeship (these were developed by a different apprenticeship organization)

An apprenticeship handbook with many helpful tips. Published by an American apprenticeship organization.

A sample apprenticeship contract

ACORN's resource page for farm hosts (magnificent)

Other farming opportunities

GoodWork Canada: organic jobs in Canada

The Young Agrarians: a BC-based, Canada-focused resource for young and new farmers